How to Post Instagram Pictures Directly to Facebook Page

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Facebook has become a part of lives of every teenager or even middle aged people. There is not a day when they don’t sign in and have a look at their timelines. Facebook has become a medium where people not only stay in touch with each other but also share pictures, music, videos etc. Uploading pictures are very common and every Facebook user uploads a few pictures every few days. Instagram photos are an excellent online photo sharing and social networking site sharing service. Instagram allows users to add special effects to their photos and are thus used to make attractive and beautiful photos. The service provides a better aspect of the photo and adds more clarity to it. Here we will tell you, How to Post Instagram Pictures Directly to Facebook Page.

How to Post Instagram Pictures Directly to Facebook Page

Posting via Instagram
To post the Instagram photos on facebook. One can easily collect all their favourite Instagram pictures and make an album with it. Even if the sharing mode of the album is set to public it is not visible to the friends of the user. The user needs to change a few settings so that their friends can see the album.
The procedure is very simple and easy to follow:

  1. On the user Facebook timeline there is an Instagram box present. There the user has to click on the link that says Instagram.
  2. In the next page that will appear there will be option called Activity log.
  3. When that is selected a drop down box will appear containing the names of the all the friends of the user.
  4. From there the user needs to select the names of friends with whom he or she wants to share the album.
  5. This is a manual process of sharing Instagram album or photos. Only the selected members will be able to see the album or the photos.

Posting on Facebook Page
If you manage a Facebook page or a fan page and like to Post Instagram Pictures Directly to Facebook Page instead of your personal account then you can follow the following methods:

  1. Firstly you need to launch the Instagram in order to make the changes.
  2. Next you need to open and view the Option page available. In Android you will get it on the icon of the Menu at the right hand top corner. For iOS users you will find the option in the gear icon of the profile page.
  3. Select the “Share Setting” button and proceed.
  4. Now make the “Facebook” as your selection and click on “Share Photos To” available on the screen.
  5. Facebook pages managed by you will be seen in this screen now.
  6. Choose the one you want to and this will default any further sharing of the Instagram on the Facebook page.

For any changes further you will be required to follow the similar steps. There are still a many settings that the user can use. One of them can be changed so that any picture edited in the Instagram software is posted directly to the facebook account or to the page the user has created.
There is one of the very few complaints that Instagram users have. But as a whole Instagram is great software for all kinds of photo editing and sharing. As a whole Instagram is really a helpful medium through which users can share and make others view their art easily. So Now you can easily Post Instagram Pictures Directly to Facebook Page.
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