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Google Plus Tricks and Tips for 2013

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Google has newly introduced Google+ in the market which is called as the Facebook alternative by many. This newly launched social networking site has just come up to allow more and more people to join and the figures and facts are really impressive and inspiring. Only time can tell whether Facebook has got its real competitor or not. Here are few Google Plus Tricks and Tips for 2013.

Google Plus Tricks and Tips for 2013

Here are some of the Google Plus Tricks and Tips for those who are already in Google+ and who already like it. These are:

  • If you are about to mention someone on your post of indicate a comment to him/her you can type “@” followed by his/her name. For example: @Andrew Mathers.
  • If you are about to mention someone not present in your circle then you can get his/her Google+ id and type “+” followed by his/her id which will navigate others to his account directly from the link. For example: +11789565878452452363.
  • If you want to type anything on your Google+ account in bold letters then you can try typing thing in between the asterisk marks like the one given alongside *Andrew Mathers*. Similarly if you want to type your text in italics you can type like _Andrew Mathers_ and to create a strike effect, use hyphen instead of underscores or asterisks.
  • To scroll instead of using the mouse, you can now scroll your Google+ feeds using keys like “k” and “j” where ‘k’ is for scrolling upwards and ‘j’ is for scrolling down.
  • It is important for you to check your notifications on the settings page as I might help you to uncheck those which you don’t want to see anymore otherwise your inbox might get full. So it is mandatory that you uncheck them as per your needs.
  • Google+ has also got a loaded feature which allows you to edit your picture online using Picnic-an online photo editing site. This option can be found once you upload your profile picture. You shall see a blue option which says ‘edit in Picnic’ this does all your work much easier and also makes you look more attractive.
  • You can further import friend from your Facebook profile. You just need to use the Facebook friend exporter used in Google chrome as an extension.
  • When you have a lot in your mind and need a way to express it, you can type it down and if it is really too long and don’t have much time to finish it then you can just type and save it as a draft in a blank circle and log in to your account anytime later and finish your article and share it with your other friends circles.
  • Now you can just drag in your files which you want to share with your circles be it a picture, video or links you just need to expand the share box in your page and it’s done.
  • You can now receive notifications of what is going on around you by just registering your cellular number with your Google+ account. Click on the gear icon on the top and select the Google+ tab and click on add phone number under the delivery subheading and you shall receive a confirmation code which you are required to match it in your account and you shall start receiving notifications on your phone even if you don’t have an Android phone.

The above discussed Google Plus Tricks and Tips are for Google+ only and hence cannot be used in any other social networking sites. Hope the above Google Plus Tricks and Tips are useful and in turn helpful to our dear readers.

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