How to Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Permanently

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The ribbon interface came in with the launch of the Microsoft Office suite 2007 and it seems and gives a feeling like reading a book and book marking it while leaving it aside and giving your eyes a rest. This ribbon interface was then introduced in a demo version of Windows8 – the Developer Preview and was further been improved and marketed in the Windows 8 Consumers preview and was globally accepted by all. The interface made computer working and OS managing easy for the people and users of this version of Windows. This helped them in multitasking and also made appear works much easier than ever before. When this ribbon interface serves as a helping hand for most of the users but for some, they just want it be removed from their eyesight. Hardcore desktop operators like it the hard way in troubleshooting their new operating system, Windows 8. Here we will guide you, How to Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Permanently.

How to Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Permanently

Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Permanently
For personnel who want it the other way you can follow the following discussed steps to remove your ribbon from your operating system and make and design it the way you want it to be and satisfy your needs and wants. Click on the small arrow present in the top right corner of the panel, beside the help symbol in Windows 8 explorer and can hence from there be regulated whether to hide or to show.

But in case you want it to Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Permanently, here are the steps that should be henceforth followed.

  1. Firstly type the shortcut Windows key + R and start Run in a dialog box.
  2. In it you need to type in the following gpedit.msc and click on the OK button
  3. A new window will appear in which on the left side click on the User Configuration Tab which is followed by the Administrative template tab
  4. You can find the windows components tab under and click on Windows Explorer
  5. A window of properties which shows “start windows explorer with ribbon minimized” make and choose it to be disabled and click on the Apply button to hit on your target. Suppose you want to Redo the above points, similar cases are applicable but choose the Enabled option at last.

This method can also be done and operated from other software using “Ribbon Disabler”. Run the software and check in the box where the Disable Explorer Ribbon is hereby mentioned and click on Run for further considerations. After the selections are made, restart your PC or laptop and the changes will be effectively processed.
By following the above steps you are sure to get help to Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Permanently. Hope the above information was helpful to our fellow and respected readers. Do check in for comments and share your views hereupon.

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