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How to add Related Content gadget to your blog post editor using Zemanta API

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All blogger friends in blogosphere work hard to write daily blog posts to communicate their readers and regularly publish new relavant information for them.This post will help you to add Related Content widget to your blog post using Zemanta API.You can get more free traffic by adding your own old posts link or by backlinks from other site.Zemanta application supports WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, MovableType, Tumblr, Drupal and Joomla.It is available in both plugin and extension version.You only need anyone out of these two according to your blogging platform.You have to use extension feature,if your blogging platform is blogger,wordpress or Live journal.You can use the plug-in on Joomla,self-hosted WordPress or Movable Type.In this article we will tell you in step by step guide to add Related article gadget from Zemanta to Google blogspot blogger platform below.

1. First visit this Link to add Zemanta Gadget.
2. Now Select one of your blogs in the drop-down box and click on “ADD GADGET” LINK as given in figure below.
3. Now you can see a Zemanta Assistant tool is appeared near your Google Blogspot blogger post editor as shown in figure below.
4.  Now start writing your Google Blogspot blog post and start Zemanta Assistant,you will get many related images and links as shown in figure below.
5.  Now you can view information about these images and links by clicking on them and you can add these link and images to your blog posts by again clicking on them.
Now enjoy using various features of Zemanta tools and improve your blogging experience.You can get additional traffic also.Watch this video to learn more about this Zemanta gadget :
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