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All basic information you want to know about Mobile Windows Phone 7

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You all aware about Microsoft’s Mobile OS Platforms like Windows Phone 5, Windows Phone 6 and Windows Phone 6.5.These became positive factor in some of mobiles phone.Now Microsoft is going to launch its latest mobile OS Windows Phone 7 in the scenario where Google’s Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Apple’s iOS4 have arise in the market and Nokia’s Symbian^3 and Symbian^4 are in development process.
Windows Phone 7
So there will be a tough competition and for Microsoft to make a mark with it’s new mobile OS Windows Phone 7 it will have some remarkable features so that user will ready to buy a phone based on this OS.
Now coming on the topic in this article we will tell you All you want to know about Mobile Windows Phone 7.Before that we will also share a information with you that Microsoft has given free handsets to all of their 90000 employees as google did in the past.Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is most awaited and all mobile lovers are waiting for its release to look for “what’s new in this version?”
The user interface of Windows Phone 7 has tightened and tweak by Microsoft’s people.And it looks quite impressive,you will sure going to love in your phone because it has very good touch response and fast speed,although some options and menus in internal UI are accessible through long press.But you will used to it when you regulary use this kind of features.It’s not a big issue.
For your Internet browsing Microsoft managed a mix solution of Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8.and it works impressive with desktop class code ,looks pleasantly on small display and use less RAM of phone but it lacks for HTML5 video support.
Windows Phone 7 has Windows Live and SkyDrive account integration for various features .But Microsoft has bound you to use “Bing“ as default search engine and it looks like currently there is no alternative search engine option available in devices.
You will find Microsoft Office on the device (as expected) for your office work includes excel and power point.You will find many new features in excel compare to previous version.Although you can view slides in power point but can not create new slides but that is not an issue because it is just a mobile not your Laptop.
Microsoft Bing’s Maps have great features for your navigation and direction finding when you are driving or walking on the road.
You can add your Live account and Avatar if you are a Xbox lover.We can expect more features for Xbox from Microsoft in future.
Microsoft added news updates,temperature,weather forecast,flight information,Unit converter and many more application for your delight.You can see some of these features in below pictures.
These features are just a brief we will provide you complete information when the mobile on Windows Phone 7 OS finally lauched.So wait for sometime.
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