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How to type and use new Indian Rupee Symbol

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Indian Rupee joins the elite club of currencies(i.e. euro,dollar,pound and yen which have their unique currency symbol) after announcement of new rupee symbol.This character will give global idendity and strength to indian economy.This symbol is perfect blend of Roman and Indian letters(Capital ‘R’ in english and ‘Ra’ in Hindi) so it will definately appeal indian and global public.
This symbol will be also available on indian made keyboards soon.So you can easily type this symbol then.But you can also type this symbol by below given step by step method.

  1. First you have to download rupee font on this link.
  2. Then install this font from your control panel.To install locate and open font option in control panel and then paste this font in that folder.
  3. Now you can select this fonts in font options in your writing pad(i.e. Notepad,Wordpad or MS Word).
  4. Now just press button just above the ‘Tab’ button and just below to ‘Esc’ button as image below to type rupee symbol.
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