How to Add Watermark in Microsoft Word 2013

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Have you ever pondered about a watermark? Well, a watermark is simply a background text or graphic image which is displayed behind the content of the text documents. It is commonly used to indicate statuses like CONFIDENTIAL, DRAFT and etc. In fact, you can also add a company logo as the background image of your text documents. Now, it might happen that you have to add watermark in Microsoft Word. Under such situations, it is pretty likely for you to get perplexed. However, do not think any longer and simply read on, to come across a tutorial about inserting a watermark in your own text documents.

How to Add Watermark in Microsoft Word 2013

Steps to Insert Watermark

  • In order to insert a watermark, open your document in which the watermark is supposed to be added. After this, click the design tab, which you will find on the word toolbar.
  • Click the Watermark button in the background page from the design tab. You will find different in-built watermarks pattern to be displayed, accordingly. Select and click the watermark from the window according to your preference.
  • You will soon find the selected watermark to be placed in background of your text document. Thus, the procedures to add watermark in Microsoft Word Document is relatively easy, in many respects.

Steps to customize watermark
Again, if you want to create a customized watermark as a background image for your text documents, you can simply click watermark and click to the ‘Custom Watermark’ option.
On following the above instructions, a dialog box of printed watermark will display on a separate window, where you can add custom background image or content watermark. In case of adding a text watermark background, check the ‘text watermark’ option. Choose your language, font style, font size, and colour for the text document, accordingly. You can also customize the layout style for your text as diagonal or horizontal. Enter your text in the text box and click the OK button to get the customized watermark on your text document. And, Lo Behold! Your customized watermark is added in background of your text.
You can also add an image as a watermark on your text document by clicking watermark from the design tab and again clicking the custom watermark option. On doing so, the printed watermark dialog box will appear once more and there you need to check the ‘picture watermark’ option and select an image.
Steps to change or remove watermark
Now, just like applying watermark, if you are dissatisfied with any random watermark you can also remove it accordingly. In case of removing watermark from your background, you can click on watermark option, once again from the page background of the design tab. After this, click on the remove watermark option. You will find a clean background on your text document after following this procedure.
Thus, the mentioned guidelines will not only assist you to add watermark in Microsoft Word document but it will also help you in customizing it and removing it, as and when necessary. Thus, follow these tips and guidelines and keep them in mind in order to evade any further confusion while handling copyright elements on your text documents on Word 2013.

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