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How to Create Custom Fonts or Characters

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There are different fonts available for every occasion, but sometimes you want it a bit different. Windows has a built-in Private Character Editor, which you can use to customize your own fonts or symbol. The PCE tool is not a newly launched tool or any updated version, this tool was there for many years. However, it was overlooked by most of the users. So, if you wish to create custom fonts or characters, then simply give a quick read for better and more viable information about the same.

How to Create Custom Fonts or Characters

How to Find the Tool                                      
This tool is not well advertised in the old versions windows including windows 7, and that is the reason why people failed to spot it. However, it is jolly well available in Windows 8. Here, all you need to do is to press the windows key on your keyboard and type ‘private’ on the search box. Check the list out, and you will find the ‘private character editor” will be visible at the beginning of the apps list.  The windows 7 users on the other hand, will have to keep looking at the start menu under system tools section.  In either case, after opening the app choose one of the blank boxes from the grid and click ‘OK’. A new window, appearing like a basic image editor will be viable. There, you have to begin with designing task for your own characters.
Create your own unique symbol, character and logo which can be used in personal documents. Keep patience and draw better character, don’t try to do stuff faster, rather take your time and complete things with utmost patience.
Decorate Your Characters
You will be provided with some basic tools including Pen, eraser, which are the filled and rectangular tools that are used for designing and scratching on Private Character Editor. But, be prepared to be patient and practice several times on paint in order to make the work easier before you step forward for the task.
Select the typeface according to your choice by clicking on the font button from the bottom screen. The next step is to select the character and click OK button to load it on the editor window.
In the Private Character Editor window, you will notice that the selected character will be loaded separately. This will act as guidance and will help you to copy and paste it, to the editing window. Turn on the selection tools close to the bottom of left hand toolbar and draw throughout the character. Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard and shift to the Edit window, thereby pressing the Ctrl+V option accordingly. Use the tools and keep designing the character aptly. With regular and timely practice you will eventually find the process to create custom fonts or characters, easy and effective.
Save to use the customised characters
When you’re done with your customised character, click on the file menu and choose font links. Check the ‘Link with All Fonts’ option and click OK to save it.
Thus, on the whole, the entire procedure to create custom fonts or characters is relatively easy and can be performed effectively if you have a little patience. Thus, think no longer and follow the mentioned guidelines to enjoy the advantages of creating your own customized font.

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