How to Migrate Google account to a new Account?

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Migrating from Google account has a host of reasons associated with it. It might happen that you are totally irritated with your id a john.hotguy@gmail .com or it might also happen that you are actually sick of the features and structure of Gmail, and wish to migrate Google account accordingly. In either case you need to follow some step by step benchmarks which will help you in migrating and moving over to your desired account. Thus, think no longer and give in a quick read in order to move over everything including  docs, old chats, emails, entries, RSS feed, calendars out of your Gmail to a new account.

How to Migrate Google account to a new one?

Essential requirements
Before proceeding with migrating, your Gmail account you have to ensure that you already have the id and password of your old Gmail account. Apart from that, you also need a copy of the email client thunderbird which you can download with the aid of this link. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/
Begin by setting the IMAP

  1. Before you start with anything else on Gmail; you have to ensure that the IMAP is enabled on your Gmail. In order to do so, start with navigating your mouse to the settings option on the top right corner of the page.
  2. After this, you will find the ‘Enable IMAP’ option which you have to check and save accordingly.
  3. Follow this up by navigating to the ‘Labels’ option where you have to check the “show in IMAP” option, accordingly.
  4. During this procedure you should only uncheck the Spam labels and the trash labels, accordingly.

Installing and using the thunderbird
After turning the option for IMAP on, you can always use the email client enabled with IMAP in order to transfer all your emails and chat logs from your account. You have to effectively install and run the thunderbird for the best and the most effective performance. As soon as you’ve run the software, you will find a “get mail” option which you have to click. After this, give some time for Thunderbird to connect, where you can jolly well view all your previous chats and folders, accordingly. On the upper right corner of the page, click the menu option where you will be redirected to both your old and new Gmail account parallely. You can then, manually select the folders and copy them, accordingly with the aid of the options provided in thunderbird.
Exporting Google Calendars made easy
In order to export your Google calendar, sign n to your old account and then click on the settings option. There you will also find the option for calendars. Click the “Export Calendars” option provided there, in order to export your old calendars. You will then, find an option where you might have to download this file called youroldaccount@gmail.com.ical.zip. Download and run the zip file to locate all your old calendars.
How to Export Google contacts?
Well, exporting your Google contacts are as easy as shifting the calendars. In order to proceed with it, navigate and click on the ‘contact’ option. After this, select the option called “more” in order to locate the ‘export contacts’ tab which you need to click on, accordingly. Thus, you can easily migrate Google account with less hassles and issues.
Transferring docs from Google drive
You can also transfer the documents from Google drive, quickly and easily. In order to begin with the procedures simply start by sharing all your old documents to your newly made account. In order to make the procedure quicker and better, simply create a folder called “migration”. Copy everything that you wish to transfer to your new account in this folder.
After this, install the Google drive software and follow it up by logging into it, with your new account and password. After this, right click on the “migration” folder which is there in your hard drive. Copy the folder and you will soon be redirected to your new Google drive with the old folders.
All in all, the procedures to migrate Google account might appear to be pretty lengthy; however, it is actually very effective. Thus, all you have to do is, follow the mentioned procedures of migration and complete it aptly in order to transfer everything from files, chats, contacts, labels and everything else to your new account, effectively.

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