How to Add Watermark to Excel Worksheet?

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Did you ever wish to add watermark to your Microsoft excel document? Do you need to add watermark to excel for official purpose ? Are you intrigued to grab a deeper insight to the appropriate procedures with the aid of which you can proceed with this activity, effectively? Well, think no longer as the guidelines here are sure to help you in all regards. Simply give in a quick read to have a better and more effective idea about it, accordingly.

How to Add Watermark to Excel Worksheet?

On a starting note

  1. Now, in order to complete and proceed with the activity of adding watermark, you have to initially start with opening an Excel File.
  2. Click the “insert” option on the tab.
  3. After this, click the option for header and the footer.
  4. In order to add a new picture as watermark click the elements section in the header and footer option.
  5. After this click on the location wherever your preferred image is present by aptly clicking “browse next”.
  6. After this, navigate through the files in order to choose and in add watermark to excel, accordingly.
  7. In order to bring that image to the center, add blank lines in between the [Picture] option.

How to view and format the watermark?

  1. In order to view the watermark, randomly click any specific cell and you will soon find it displayed behind all the text and the graphic, accordingly.
  2. However, it might appear to be relatively dark and black. Now, if you wish to lighten the shade of the watermark, simply click the header and footer option once again.
  3. There, click the option called “format picture”.
  4. After this, click the picture option from the format picture ribbon and then, navigate along to click the “washout” from the long list of features provided.
  5. Complete the procedure by clicking OK and you will soon be redirected to the excel file which is endowed with a watermark in a pretty lighter shade, as per your preference.

How to add a text watermark?

  1. In order to add a text as a watermark, simply click on the header and footer option once again’
  2. and then add your desired text on the header.
  3. After this, select the text and fill it with light grey.
  4. Lo Behold! You will soon find an excel page width your customized text watermark.

Removing watermark made easy

  1. The procedure sought for removing watermark is also relatively easy. In order to proceed with this begin by opening the header option
  2. and after that, select a random text with the aid of a marker and then delete it.
  3. You can click outside the cell to view your deleted watermark.

Thus, on a concluding note, the procedure to add watermark to excel is definitely pretty easy and effective. Simply follow these guidelines in order to succeed in the process and enjoy the advantages of using the watermarked documents.

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