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Building and Monetizing Facebook Fan Pages

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Many people, especially the internet marketers, start to create online business models based on Facebook and target their marketing on Facebook users. Facebook is the most used social network online and monetizing Facebook is possible in many ways. It’s not so difficult to attract fans and the Facebook marketing is booming. There’s never been a better time to make some good money with Facebook. Facebook’s advertising network has good options for targeting and attracting the right customers in any niche or demographics. It’s easy to build a loyal fan base on Facebook. It’s true that most people don’t register to Facebook with plans of buying anything. But there are some creative methods to monetize the trust of our loyal fans.

Building and Monetizing Facebook Fan Pages

How to Pick a Niche

  • The trick in making money on Facebook is to know how to pick a specific niche with people extremely passionate about a certain topic.
  • Picking a good niche is one of the key points in building and monitising a Facebook fan page.
  • Finding a good niche can be one of the difficult steps of the process. You cannot know from the beginning if your choice will bring you failure or success.
  • You have to pick one of your hobbies as a niche, something that you are passionate about and you know very well. You will have to update your fan page on a daily basis and you can deliver the right content to your fans only if you’re a fan yourself.
  • As a general rule is better to stay away from general niches. Being successful with a fan page and making money from it is not about number of fans. You might get more fans with a general topic for your fan page, but you might not be able to sell anything to your fans.
  • Get to understand very well the demographics of your niche. Pick something that is specific but still has a large audience and try to avoid over saturated niches

How to build a fan base

  • Will be difficult to build up a page without spending any money. People who try to avoid spending any money on ads risk failing.
  • People who buy fans from websites like Fever are usually getting only fake fans. They will not be active on your page and they are probably not going to stay for long in your fans list.
  • For a successful Facebook based online business what you need is real, loyal and active fans. Those are people really interested in the topic of your page.
  • To attract real fans to your Facebook page the only good ways are through promotion posts on other fan pages and with Facebook ads.
  • Facebook’s advertising network can target based on interest and demographics. You are in control of settings you page demographics such as the gender, the age range, location, and interests.
  • The best results in marketing on Facebook you can have by targeting people who like related pages.

Method to Monetizing Facebook Fan Pages

To monetize your Facebook fan page one of the most popular methods is to use CPA offers that have niche-related offers and pay per lead.
You may consider listing your personal phone number on your fan page to allow your fans to contact you with questions. Maybe you’ll get busy taking calls but may be good for your business. So, if you are living in London, for example, list your 02 phone numbers on our Facebook fan page. The majority of people prefer to call local numbers especially from their mobile.

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