How to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013 for Command

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People working in MS Office or to be precise in MS Word may assign many keyboard shortcuts as per their need. Those shortcuts may make their working faster. The MS Office 2013 has provided the options to configure the keyboard commands. Thus here it is discussed how to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013  for Command.

How to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013 for Command

Locating Ribbon:
To Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013, one needs to enter the Ribbon of Word 2013. So first of all, the user needs to click the FILE menu or the tab. Then the user needs to click the Options from the drop down menu. There will be a dialog box called the Word Options. It has the Customize Ribbon option which needs to be clicked. This entire process can be done by right clicking on any section title on any tab on Ribbon. Then selecting Customize will serve the purpose. There will be a Customize menu on the left side which is besides the keyboard shortcuts.
Choosing the category:
On clicking that, the window for the Customize Keyboard displays. All the commands of the list can be displayed by selecting the All Commands in the list of categories. If the user knows the category of the thing of which he or she wants to change the command, then it should be chosen. If the particular element has nothing assigned to it as shortcut, then the Current key box will be empty. If the user wants to assign anything to that particular element, the cursor must be put in the shortcut of Press new and then the desired shortcut must be pressed.
Assigning shortcut:
The shortcut which is assigned to the element, it must not be used by any other element. When it is not used by any other element, the Current key box shows “unassigned”. Assign must be clicked to assign the command that is given. If the shortcut is already assigned to some other element, Word 2013 will show that the key is used by some other element. The user must provide some other alternative unless the “unassigned” appears on the Current key box. Once the Assign is clicked, the command is assigned to it.
People need to assign keyboard shortcuts for many purposes. Assigning shortcuts make the work speed increased. People can perform many tasks faster. To Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013, one must follow all the procedures exactly as mentioned above. There should not be any fault while following the process written above.

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