How to Automatically Share YouTube videos to Facebook Fan Page

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As you all know Facebook is most used social media network as well as YouTube is most used video sharing website. But if you want take profit of combo then it is the best option. You can promote your YouTube videos to more viewers with the help of Facebook sharing and it would be nice if your uploaded YouTube videos will automatically shared on Facebook.

Although YouTube is already has built in sharing feature for Facebook, but this feature only automatically share your videos to the Facebook Account Wall, but videos are not shared automatically on your brand or website Facebook Fan Pages, but if you want to share YouTube videos to Facebook Fan Page then you have to watch our embedded video or have to follow below mentioned steps.

How to automatically share YouTube videos to Facebook Fan Page

  1. Just login to your Facebook account
  2. Now search for Cueler YouTube Facebook application
  3. Now Click on Add to My Page button
  4. Then choose your Facebook fan page where you want to add your videos
  5. Now click on add Cueler YouTube blue button
  6. Then you will see that YouTube videos tab appeared on your time line
  7. Click on YouTube videos tab
  8. Now click on given link to configure YouTube videos on your Facebook fan page
  9. First enter your YouTube channel name for which you want to add videos on Facebook fan page
  10. Then choose video source
  11. Now select your banner video which will appear on top of your Facebook YouTube tab
  12. If you want that people first like your fan page before watching the video then select the FAN DRIVE check box
  13. Then choose your video player width
  14. Now click on SAVE AND RETURN TO THE PAGE blue button
  15. Now click on “Login with Facebook” blue button in new appeared window, and then allow permission to Cueler YouTube Facebook application
  16. Finally you will see your new Facebook YouTube tab with your YouTube channel videos

Now your viewers can click on any video to play then inside your Facebook fan page YouTube tab, you can also share your videos to other social networks like Twitter, Orkut, Google plus and of course your own Facebook from this YouTube tab, If you like this article, Please share you comments in the comment section below.

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