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How to Buy Products from Foreign Countries in India

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There are various things like clothes, gadgets, furniture, Personal health care materials that are not available in India. This is because a few brands don’t consider India as their primary market for goods. They launch all of their products in a few selected countries and parts of these countries. According to these brands they suppose that they’re all products would get a better sale value in these places than in India. Thus they launch their common products or which they expect to get a good sale value, in India only. Indians thus are devoid of many products from different brands. And suppose you need any Goods from outside of India, then how can we get that thing or How to Buy Products from Foreign Countries.
But to help customers from India and such countries online shopping has served as a boon. Here a customer has to pay a few extra bucks for the product but can get it delivered right up to their home. These products are even offered with a warranty period that begins only on the day the product is received by the customer.

How to Buy Products from Foreign Countries in India

Online Shopping charges
The customer has to pay for the currency changes. The money that is debited from his account is in Indian currency, that currency is changed into the respective currency of the country from where he is shopping. To perform this currency change he is charged a little extra. For the import of the product across countries, the customer needs to clear the International Shipping and custom Duty fees.

Ways of Online Shopping

  1. Ebay.com– This is one of the best suited for online shopping from areas all over the world. Here one can easily get what he/she is searching for.
  2. Virtual Address and Mailbox – Here the customer needs to get a virtual address of the country from where he wishes to shop and rent a mailbox. Once your order papers and the product are reviewed, the virtual address company would ship to India as per your wishes.
  3. 20 North – Another shopping site where Indians can buy internationally launched products in INR (Indian currency) but they apply a heavy currency change fee plus shipping charges for that.
  4. Take help from a relative– If the product that one must be searched is not available in online International shopping sites , one can easily take the help of relatives living in that country. If the product is found in one of the sites which does not support international shipping then one can ask the relative if his/her address can be given. Then the product would be sent to his residence for free and then he can just ship the product to the customer’s address. This would even lead to a cheaper deal because then there would be no need to pay International Shipping through the site, only Customs Duty is needed to be dealt with.

There are many ways by which one can purchase foreign products. But since we live in present we must utilize our technology efficiently. Online shopping is the best and cheap way one can fulfill the need.
Hope you like our informative article to Buy Products from Foreign Countries in India, if you face any issues Buy Products from Foreign, then please share with us.

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