How to Install Mac OS X In Windows Using VirtualBox

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Even if you are hooked to Windows, you might still want to try Mac OS X to check its features. You can install Mac OS X in Windows PC with the help of Virtual Box. Also you need to make sure your machine is of Intel and not AMD. then follow our step by step guide to Install Mac OS X In Windows Using VirtualBox.


  • Minimum dual-core processor CPU and 4 GB of RAM.
  • 64-bit Windows to install Mountain Lion. 32-bit Windows can only be used to install Snow Leopard.
  • Virtual Box visualization tool along with Virtual Box Extension Pack.

Requirements to install the latest Mountain Lion

  • A pirated bootable DVD of OS X Mountain Lion from the original DVD doesn’t work with the Virtual Box.
  • ISO files of Hack boot 1 and Hack boot 2. Hack boot 1 will help to initiate the Mountain Lion installer while the Hack boot 2 will help to initiate the Mountain Lion itself.
  • Post-installation tool Multibeast 4.6.1, which will be required after the initial installation to configure the Mountain Lion virtual machine.

How to Set Up VirtualBox to Install Mac OS X In Windows

Step 1: Install Virtual Box and its extension pack.
Step 2: Create a new virtual machine giving it a name and choosing Mac OS X as the OS type and select the 64-bit version.
Step 3: Assign RAM to your virtual machine with a minimum of 2GB. 4GB is recommended.
Step 4: Create a new hard disk for your virtual machine in the VDI format and dynamically expanding storage capacity.
Step 5: Right clicks on the virtual machine and goes to “Settings” and unchecks the “Enable EFI” option in the section category.
Step 6: Go to “Storage” and click on the CD icon labeled “Empty”. Select “Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file”. Select the Hack boot 1 is file and click OK.
Now the virtual machine is ready to boot.

How to Install Mac OS X In Windows Using VirtualBox

Step 1: Start the virtual machine. Right click on the CD icon labeled “Hack Boot” and select “Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file”.
Step 2: Select the Mountain Lion bootable DVD.
Step 3: Return to the Hack boot screen and press F5 to reload Hack boot. The label on the CD icon will change to “OS X Install DVD”.
Step 4: Press Enter and you will be taken to the Mac OS X installer page. After selecting your language and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will find no valid hard drive is detected for installation.
Step 5: Go to “Disk Utility” under “Utilities” in the menu bar.
Step 6: Select the Virtual Box hard drive and click “Erase”. After the hard drive is formatted, select it and continue OS X installation normally.
Your installation is complete and with a few configuration changes in Audio and Graphics with the help of MultiBeast, you can enjoy the services of Mac OS X on your Windows PC.
Hope you will find this article useful to Install Mac OS X In Windows Using VirtualBox, if you still have any issues to Install Mac OS X In Windows, please share in comment section.

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