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How to Connect Apple iPhone 5 to TV

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Sometime it may happen that you want to connect your phone with your home TV, there may be different ways to connect TV to your phone.  Here we will discuss to Connect Apple iPhone 5 to TV. The Apple iPhone 5 can be connected to the Television through HDMI input. For this to happen, the TV that you are using must be HDMI compatible. Furthermore, an Audio/video adapter type interface is required to complete the connection. Now this can be done in 2 ways using two different gadgets. These are:

  • Apple Lightning AV Adapter cable
  • Apple set top box

Basically, these are used to convert the Auxiliary input signal from the iPhone to HDMI that can be perceived by the TV input.

How to Connect Apple iPhone 5 to TV

Apple AV adapter cable
The Digital AV adapter from Apple will cost you around $50. This connection Hub sports a lightning port on one end. At the other end, there is a mini HDMI cable connector. HDMI connection itself carries the Audio. Even if the content is being piped on to a VGA display it can be used efficiently.
The interface on the iPhone can be mirrored exactly on the TV screen with the Lightning connector. Everything, including the apps, photos slideshows, videos, web pages etc can be viewed on the HDMI compatible TV display. This connector can deliver display up to 720p HD. Video mirroring is universally supported for HDMI devices.
Apple’s TV set top box
The Set top box from Apple is a bit more on the costlier side for a screening solution for the iPhone 5. It approximately costs around $99. The HDMI cable is not included within the package. So, it has to be purchased additionally.

The set top box has to be hooked up to your LCD/LED/Flat screen CTV using the cable and the firmware itself detects the connection carrying out the necessary steps which follow. This set top box will give you all iTunes content in the phone through unique personalised programmes. Air Play can be used on this set top box. You can play your content, use different apps and the internet from the iPhone 5 and other iOS devices on the TV in wireless mode.
A few simple steps are required to be followed while you want to Connect Apple iPhone 5 to TV, making the connection with the Apple TV set top box:

  • Select the media that you want to connect to whatever Television you are using and open it
  • Select the ‘Air Play’ icon
  • As long as both the connected devices are on the same network, you can find “Apple TV” and select it from the list that appears.
  • Once it is selected, content can be seamlessly streamed on the TV display from the iPhone 5.

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