How to Create Closed Captions and Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos

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YouTube is very popular video broadcasting website, and many people around the globe use it to share and view Videos. If you are a regular video watcher or uploader on YouTube, then you may have noticed the Captions appearing in many YouTube videos. Closed Captioning is the process of displaying text on a video screen or other visual display to provide interpretive information.These Captions are very helpful for hearing impaired, Captions also useful, if some person not able to understand language of any video, In that case, he can read the Caption or Subtitle to understand the video. So if you want that more people will understand your videos then follow below steps to add captions to your uploaded video. Captions can be added in various text formats (i.e. .srt, .sub). To create Captions, you can either make it in text format on your computer or can also create online by Captiontube. Caption Tube helps you to create Captions and then you can publish them directly to Youtube or download it to Computer. So follow below mentioned steps to Create Closed Captions and Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos.

How to Create Closed Captions

  1. Open CaptionTube
  2. Sign up and Login with your Google Account also Authorize CaptionTube to access your Videos
  3. Then Click on “Go to My Videos”
  4. Now Click on Personal Video and It will bring the List of Your Uploaded Videos.
  5. Select the Video for which you want to add Closed Captions
  6. Then Click on Import, It will display your video name and details
  7. Now click on Edit, A window will appear displaying your video and Caption Addition Options
  8. Then click on Add Caption button, Which will show you a blank text box and timecode (Caption Start Time and Caption Duration) details
  9. Now write the first Caption and add the Caption Start Time and Caption Duration details
  10. After entering details, click on “Save Caption” button, You can one by one add, as many captions as you want.
  11. After completing Additions of Captions, Just Click on Publish Button
  12. It will bring four options –
    • Publish on Youtube
    • Download to My Computer
    • Email the Captions
    • Copy and Paste
  13. Choose any options out of these four to Add Captions to your youtube videos or You can directly Publish it to Youtube.

How to Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos

Now you have caption file with you, either you have create it manually or made it by Captiontube or any other Software, We will show you how to add captions to YouTube videos.

  1. Login to your YouTube Account
  2. Click on your Username in top left side
  3. Now click on Video Manger in New Appeared area
  4. It will bring the List of Your Uploaded Videos.
  5. Click on Edit button located below the video and then click on Captions
  6. Now click on Upload caption file or transcript
  7. Then Upload your Caption file here
  8. Now you will see that the closed captions Option appeared in your video
  9. Just Enable it to view the captions with your video while playing

If you still have any issues to the above guide, You can view our video “How to Create Closed Captions and Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos“below or on YouTube.

or view below video with audio narration

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