How to Publish Blog from Microsoft Word 2013 to WordPress

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We already told you Many great features of Newly Launched Microsoft Office 2013 Suite (Release Preview), So we assume you all  knows, What are the new features of Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Word 2013 and  Microsoft Outlook 2013, but if you still unaware about these features you should read our earlier articles. If you remember we have promised to tell you, How to Publish Blog from Microsoft Word 2013 to WordPress in our earlier article “New Features of Microsoft Word 2013.  You will be able to create a blog post or article, insert images, insert embedded video, and also publish post directly or save it as a draft on your WordPress Blog. So we are going to tell you that how to publish wordpress post with word 2013.

How to Publish Blog from Microsoft Word 2013 to WordPress

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2013
  2. You will be welcomed by some templates, Look for “Blog Post” Template, if you are able to find it then click to open it or If you are not able to find then search online for the template in the provided search box above the templates.
  3. After clicking on the “Blog Post” Template, you will be prompt to register your blog account. You can register on the same time or can register later. If you want to register, You have to choose the type of blog
  4. Then you have to enter details like your domain name, your Username and password for authentication. And click on OK to Connect.
  5. Then Your blog post editing page will open infront of you
  6. Now You should select Indent size (Writing Pane) that fits to you blog size, So that you can actually setup your article as per your blog size.
  7. Now You can Insert your WordPress Category by Clicking on Insert Category Tab in Word 2013 and all of your available categories will be Available in Drop Down Menu, Just select the Right Category for your post.
  8. Then Just Click on INSERT tab to enter
  9. You will get the Options to insert Pictures, Hyperlinks, Tables and Charts etc. Just use the options as per your requirement.
  10. One important thing, you will miss here the Insert Video link or button, Which will necessary these days. So it will be little tricky to embed video in your blog post. But you can do it by below method.
  11. Just click the downward pointing arrow inside the quick access toolbar.
  12. Now select “More Commands” as shown in the image.
  13. Then select Insert Tab instead of Popular Commands which is by default selected.
  14. In the “Insert Tab”, look for the option “Online Video” and select it. Then click on the “Add” button to move it to the right pane and click OK at the bottom.
  15. Now You can check that the Add Online Video option is now available near downward pointing arrow inside the quick access toolbar.
  16. Now see the embedded video in my blog post. You can also see a little box to the right side of video, which has “Layout Options”. With these options you can configure the video box size and its alignment.
  17. Now after completing your blog post, you just have to click on the save draft option or publish option, although i will suggest you should only click only on Publish as draft option and do your final editing inside your WordPress dashboard.
  18. The one little annoying thing i found in the whole process that My video did n’t run from my wordpress dash board, it is converted in image file there, so you should embed video inside the WordPress dashboard itself until microsoft resolve this issue.

Share with us, if you find any issue in the above process.

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