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How Unique is the Surface's keyboard

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The short answer is, very unique. And for the long answer, read on.
On Monday evening in California, Microsoft unveiled its long awaited tablet which they are calling the Surface. Here, we’re focusing on the keyboard, the Surface comes with and believe us; it deserves an entire post all to itself. With most tablets we’ve had to adapt to the QWERT on screen or for people who need to take their work with them but don’t like the touch screen keyboard, there are always third-party keyboards available for their iPads and Samsungs. But Microsoft has just upped the ante for all tablet makers with their innovation.

The Surface’s keyboard is part of the back case for the tablet, which means you don’t have to attach and detach it, or carry it around separately. Elegant? Oh, yes. Useful and beautiful? You bet.
Because it is really thin, only about three millimeters, you will be able to fold it under Surface and type. There’s a kickstand that the Surface comes with, so essentially all you do is let the kickstand down, roll out the keyboard and voila, you have a mini laptop in front of you. There are two types of keyboards with the Surface – one with pressure sensitive keys and the other with raised keys.
The pressure sensitive one has an accelerometer that can sense when it is on, and when inactive and folded behind which means you won’t have to worry about accidental strokes. Although it is pressure sensitive (no sound like you’d get on your laptop keys), it can measure your type-weight (how hard you’re hitting the keys) and if you’re only idly placing your fingers on the keys, that won’t count as typing. It is also ten times faster than the average keyboard, which allow you to type away at the speed you like.
The keys have multi-touch layers that allow the keyboard to be so incredibly thin, and when the power is off, you can fold the keyboard back onto itself and put it away behind the tablet. It saves power, in case you’re wondering what 4it will do to the battery life. And for those of us who like to be stylish as well as smart, the keyboard comes in several colors including black, blue, hot pink and brown.
Clearly one of the best new innovations to hit the tablet market, the Surface has already been received well by bloggers and critics. Apart from the keyboard, it has a pretty decent interface, a great processor, and the advantage of working on Windows if you’re sick of the Android and the iOS.
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