How to Create Custom Patterns in Photoshop CS6

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Adobe Photoshop contains many features  which are useful for graphic designers. Patterns are one of the important feature for designers. Adobe Photoshop brings few default patterns with it, but creative designers need more customize patterns. So in this tutorial, we will tell you How to Create Custom Patterns in Photoshop CS6. This method is useful in any Photoshop version, although we are going to create patterns in Adobe Photoshop CS6 for this tutorial.

How to Create Custom Patterns in Photoshop CS6

    1. To create Custom Patterns in Photoshop, Open New image in Photoshop, and select dimensions as low as you can, because your image pattern will duplicate itself to form a large pattern.
    2. We are taking canvas size of 32 x 32 pixel with transparent background.
    3. Now zoom it from Navigator Panel, so that you can easily able to view all the aspect of image.
    4. Now Click on Custom Shape tool, and choose Flower 5 from custom shapes
    5. Now choose color as per requirement, and create shape in the image.
    6. Now click on Edit >> Define Pattern
    7. Now name this pattern, so that you can easily remember it and click on OK
    8. Now you can use this pattern in your designs, If you have any custom design image, then you use that image to define image.
    9. Now Create a new image canvas to try your custom pattern. We are creating an image of 1280 x 720 pixel with white background, then write text TECHSTIC on it.
    10. Now click on Layer >> New Fill Layer >> Pattern
    11. Then scroll down to choose your desired pattern to fill in the image.
    12. Now your desired image will appear after inserting pattern in the image as below.
    13. Enjoy with your custom pattern, these pattern can also used in Blending Option to create various designs

You can use any other image to create pattern in similar way.

How to Delete Pattern in Photoshop CS6

If due to any reason, you want to delete pattern in Photoshop, then just follow below mentioned steps

  1. Access patterns either from Layer >> New Fill Layer >> Pattern or in Blending Options
  2. Right Click on Pattern shape
  3. Then Click on Delete, to delete pattern in Photoshop
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