How to Manage Multiple Facebook Fan Pages and Profiles

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Facebook is the most popular social networking site to promote your business. You can set up a fan page for the business itself, or you can set up a profile for yourself or other members of your team. If your business is to run niche sites or blogs, you can easily rack up multiple Facebook fan pages or profiles that you have to manage — which can be a pain if you have to log out of your profile and into a new one each time you want to update or respond to items in your feed. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage multiple Facebook fan pages and profiles all from one dashboard. Here are a few tools that may be able to help you:


How to Manage Multiple Facebook Fan Pages and Profiles

Hootsuite (http://hootsuite.com/)
You can easily manage all your accounts from a single dashboard with Hootsuite. Plug in the details for your accounts and your fan pages, and tab between them on your dashboard to see your news feed, wall posts, and photos. You can quickly reply to items or post your own items. You can even schedule posts for greater flexibility in managing your profiles. If you have other social media accounts, the service also manages Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace profiles. Plans start at $9.95 per month.
Sprout Social (http://sproutsocial.com/)
Sprout Social is very similar to Hootsuite, though the dashboard is not as streamlined. You can schedule posts and get analytics to find out how successful your marketing is on the channel. You can also get easy-to-see demographic data for your followers so you can understand how customers are engaging with you better. The service also supports Twitter, and there are many more options for managing profiles on that network. Plans start at $39 per month.
Media Feedia (http://mediafeedia.com/)
Manage multiple Facebook fan pages with this service, which allows you to schedule posts, monitor your analytics, and assign secure users. You can schedule posts with full multimedia options, and publish as far in advance as you like (years in advance even). Get notifications by e-mail, and respond to comments and other actions through e-mail if you choose. You can even integrate the service with Mail Chimp. Plans start at $9.95 per month.
Grab Inbox (http://www.grabinbox.com/)
This straight-forward services allows you to manage multiple Facebook Fan pages (or Twitter or LinkedIn pages) by scheduling posts, monitoring replies, and responding to comments right from one dashboard. You can get notifications by e-mail about activity on any of your feeds, and you can customize your dashboard to monitor only the most important information. There are bookmarklets to help you expand your features. The best part? The service is totally free.
What other tools do you use to manage multiple Facebook fan pages or profiles? Share your picks in the comments!
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