How to Create Facebook Chat Emotions

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Are you bored of the same old Facebook smileys? Are you looking for something new and innovative to incorporate in your Facebook chat? Well, if you agree with these points, then, you should definitely try some new Facebook chat emotions. Do you want to Create Facebook Chat Emotions? The best thing about these emotions is that, you can create this yourself. Yes! You can create numerous, and, probably unlimited emotions in Facebook chat. All you need is a little bit of patience. Get a proper idea about creating these chat emotions by taking a glance of the following text.

Take a tour to the Facebook pages
Yes! The best thing which can totally help you in this regard is an appropriate tour of Facebook Applications. You just need to type new smileys on the search box on Facebook after which you will get numerous pages which have amazing smiley creating ideas. Incorporate those ideas and use them in your Facebook chat to create some new and innovative smileys. The best thing about these pages is that, the number of smiley’s are not limited. On each page you get innovative ideas and even more innovative smileys. You just need to copy paste these smileys in order to enjoy an amazing graphic chat.

How to Create Facebook Chat Emotions

Use innovative chat codes
The smileys used in Facebook are nothing but some simple chat codes. In order to make your own smiley, experiment on these chat codes and constantly use them on the Facebook chat browser in order to check whether your smiley is accepted there or not. In fact, you can simply begin by changing the original smileys with some innovative designs and chat codes. Browse through the internet in order to get a complete idea about these chat codes. Moreover, you might also get some new chat codes for your chat emotions.
Some Popular chat codes
In order to make your own chat code, begin by browsing the web to check the chat codes for normal alphabets. As soon as you get hold of it, try to incorporate it in your chat box to make some innovative and unique smileys. For example, this is the chat code for Superman [[136942059667395]] whereas [[334954663181745]] is the chat code for SpongeBob. Play with the numbers of these codes in order to make a new chat code. However, as a precautionary note you should always remember that, some of these chat codes might not be visible on Facebook messengers. As an addendum, you can also use your username in order to make a new chat emotion. Just type, [[yourusername]] or [[yournickname]] in the Facebook chat box. Here, change the words username and nickname with your actual user names and nicknames.
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