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How to Scan QR Codes from PC

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These days QR codes are getting very popular. Every company is using the QR codes for their products. QR stands for Quick Response. These codes are far better that the bar codes. The bar codes could hold only a few numbers as info. But the QR codes can store much more info that the bar codes. Here We will discuss How to Scan QR Codes from PC.

How to Scan QR Codes from PC

Advantage of QR Codes:
All the products are having QR codes these days. There are many apps available for smart phones which can scan these QR codes. All the smart phone companies have these apps. But people who do not have a smart phone would not be hopeless. At least everyone will be having a computer at home. They can scan the QR codes sitting at home using their PC now. This is done using the software Code TWO QR Code Desktop Reader. While surfing online, often we find QR codes attached to many products. We do not understand what info the code is holding.
‘Code Two QR Code Desktop Reader’ is the solution:
Hence this software can be used to know the info about those QR codes. The salient feature of this software is that it has desktop QR code reader for Windows. The QR code reader reads the code directly from the screen. This means that it does not need any webcam. The software takes screen shot of the QR code present on the screen. This software can also read the QR codes present on a file. The file has to be chosen using a locator and then the software will scan it. The basic advantage of this software is that it automatically saves the info a code into a file.

QR Codes can hold multiple types of data:
This feature is just awesome. No one has to select options for saving it externally. It is being done implicitly. This software is absolutely free of cost, so getting it is easy. QR codes are basically few square dots that hold much info. QR codes may be comprised of texts, links, email ID, phone numbers or V Cards. Operating this software is very easy. After opening the software, ‘From screen’ option has to be selected. Then the software will search for a code available on the screen.
It will take a screen shot of the QR code. Then it will scan the QR code and show the info. It will automatically save the info of the code in the form of a file. If code is taken from a file into the software, ‘From file’ option has to be selected.
Some time you may required to Scan QR Codes from PC, so we think that our article How to Scan QR Codes from PC will help you in this regard.

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