How to Embed Fonts in Microsoft Word Document and PowerPoint Slide

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Many times it happens that we create any Microsoft Word Document or PowerPoint Slide with fonts downloaded from internet which is not part of your regular windows fonts. These fonts provides a custom and stylish look to your documents and slide presentations. But when you view these documents on any other computer or download documents from internet to view on your computer then they are automatically substituted by some other fonts in case when they are viewed on Windows which does not have these fonts preinstalled.
But to overcome the above issue you can embed your custom fonts(i.e. Google Fonts or any other fonts downloaded from internet) into the document itself at the time of creating that document.

How to Embed Fonts in Microsoft Office File

  1. First create your document with your custom fonts.
  2. Now click on “File” tab in Microsoft Word Document and PowerPoint Slide from top-left corner.
  3. Then click on “Options”
  4. In “Options” attribute, click on “Save” button.
  5. Now look in the last section named as “Prevent Fidelity When Sharing this Document/Presentation”.
  6. Now select “Embed fonts in the file” options
  7. Then according to your requirement, you can choose to embed all fonts or your used font character in the document.
  8. Then Save your documents, That’s it.

You need to know that embedding such fonts will increase your document file in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint Presentation. So either you can choose to embed all font character to embed in document so that any one can edit your document with these custom fonts or you can choose to embed only your used character to embed fonts in PowerPoint Slide and Microsoft Word.
Microsoft Office documents are able to embed TrueType and OpenType fonts but Some fonts are restricted to  embed in documents if the font publisher has restricted embedding in the font license, so you have to take care of these license issue before embeding the fonts.
If you have any issues in the above process then ask in our comment section….

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