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How to Make Money Online by Monetize Images with Luminate

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Blogging in early days is used to share personal views or knowledge online but now it helps many bloggers to earn money online or make money online with quality blogs or websites. Although to become a successful blogger, never think about money when you are a newbie in blogosphere. Always think about how can you attract readers for your blog and increase your reader base. When you have build quality reader base for your blog, automatically your earnings will start increasing. Anyways we are here to tell you How can you make money online by ad serving on your blog images.

Bloggers are always searching some interesting ways to increase their blog revenue with monetize their blogs. Most bloggers monetize their blogs with Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Adbrite for contextual advertising, CPM ad networks like Technorati Media and Direct ad networks like Buysellads on their blogs to earn money online, but Luminate is a new method to monetize your blog, now you can monetize your blog images to make money online.

Luminate converts your static images into interactive media and display the google ads in blog images, it works as Adsense for images and will generate ad revenue for your blog. Luminate displays google Adsense ads and affiliates ads, so if any visitor buy something by following ads from your images, it will generate income for you. Luminate shows google supported ads, so it will not create Google Adsense violation. Although last year Luminate stopped image ads services due to Google Policies but now these service is restored for US, UK or Canada visitors, if a person visits your site from the US, UK or Canada, and your site has been approved for Image Ads App, that user would be shown an Image Overlay Ad. But if a person visits your site from any other countries they currently will not be shown an Image Overlay Ad. Infolinks and Kontera ads looks irrelevant and not attract much visitors, but Luminate ads are more relevant. There are three ways to make money online with Luminate, let’s check them here.

How to Make Money Online by Monetize Images with Luminate

Make Money Online by Signup as Luminate Publisher

  1. First Sign Up as Publisher in Luminate network by clicking here.
  2. Now Enter your site details about site details and other relevant information.
  3. Then copy Luminate code from dashboard in your site setting.
  4. Now add this code before <body> tag in your blog.
  5. Now wait for at least 1 day for Luminate to approve your blog for their network.
  6. After 1-2 days Luminate ads will visible on your blog images, and you can start earn money online.

Make Money Online by tagging blog images

  1. Visit My Images tab under Dashboard
  2. You will see Untagged, Tagged and Ignored tabs of images.
  3. Choose a picture to tag by clicking on the image.
  4. You can hover over the image and click the Ignorelink, If you don’t want to tag with any products or advertisements.
  5. After selecting any image,you will directed to tag the image you selected to a new page.
  6. Now Start tagging by clicking the orange Add Tagbutton
  7. Once you click, a little target will appear on the image to remind you where you clicked.
  8. Now you can search for products that are similar to your item. Searching will start as soon as you begin typing in the text box.
  9. When you find a product you like, click on it. You’ll see more details and the option to Select Product.
  10. If you select the product, that product will now be associated with the spot you clicked on the image. You don’t need to save anything.
  11. If you close the dialog, you can go back to searching for a better match.
  12. Once you’ve selected a product, you can continue to add more tags to the photo or go back to My Images and pick other pictures to tag.

Earn Money Online as Product Expert

You can earn money by sign up as a Product Expert, earn money by identifying, tagging, and matching products within online images and linking them to Luminate advertisers’ product inventories. You generate money by sales commission on every transaction to purchase an identified product.

Luminate Minimum Payout ?
The Luminate minimum payout is just 10$ so there is no issue to reaching this payout. If you have a decent traffic then you will be able to reach this payout in a short time. The Luminate will pay you through Paypal or Cheque.You can use Luminate to earn money online for WordPress or Blogger or any java supported blogging plat form.
So enjoy this interesting way of make money online, and if you have any other interesting way of earn money online, please share with us in our comment section.

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