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Smart TVs: Wave of the Future, or Not?

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So smart TVs are the wave of the future. Well, considering that only 40 percent of the ‘smart’ connected TVs are actually connected, maybe not. That may be something that TV manufactures have to overcome. New products, like Samsung’s Smart TV, are trying to promote customers buying by adding new apps to their TVs, much like Apple has done with its iPhone and iPad. These new apps cost some initial investment, however they are starting to show profit from them.

But as global economic growth slows and inflation rises, will families spend their hard-earned money on this technology? The most popular apps include things like Facebook, which is a very individual-based program. How will this affect TV usage and will consumers want to check their Facebook on their TVs? Other things, like Netflix apps, have a clearer connection to the TV. It all depends on the consumer.
More things complicate the issue. The variances between the manufactures of TVs mean that each app has to be made-to-fit for that brand. No one-size-fits-all here. This increases the cost, complexity, and time needed for Smart TV manufacturers to get a leg-up on the competition. The ease of use is also a factor. The TV remote has to be capable of everything a mouse can do, which just isn’t true. To make up for this, manufactures have to re-invent what consumers see online. It has to look familiar while still being able to be controlled simply by remote. Not an easy task.

This is where commitment comes in. Will the TV manufactures, big names like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, want to invest their money in this new technology? Or will the find a different route? Much of this is up to the consumer. After all, you can only sell what the consumer will buy.
Smart TVs may very well be the next big jump. Fully integrating your online experience with a big screen TV sounds like a good deal. But is it practical? Will the TV manufacturers be able to successfully pull it off? And, if they do, will the consumers go for it? Only time will tell.
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