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How to Find Chat History in Gmail

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Gmail has always been a free, advertisement supported Email service which is provided by the Google Corporation. Users can get access to it as their webmail through POP# or IMAP4 protocols. Through Google mail, people can share their views, emotion, ideas, information, and suggestion etc via Google chat or by using and sending E-mails to the communicator. In short Gmail is really helpful to a lot of people across the world.

How to Find Chat History in Gmail

Chat history: trouble to be solved

Searching or to find chat history in Gmail is a hectic problem and needs patience and you need to perform several activities before you actually get viewed of the chat history in your Gmail address. Gmail has minimized the problem of finding for the chat history and you just need to follow some simple steps to look into the history created after leaving Gmail from chat which will help you access chat history in Gmail.

Steps to follow

The steps that are needed to follow in bringing out the chat history are simple and can be learned through the various ways discussed in the following. First make a selection click on Chat which is shown on the left hand corner of your webmail page or website. If you are unable to find, go to Personal and it will help you show the options which are hidden, there you can probably find the options.
If you want the webmail to show the Chat options you need to click on the Settings icon placed on the right-hand upper corner and then make a selection to Mail settings. After making the selection, click on Labels tab and the find the Chats option and click on the Show option marked beside it. Now if you are to check and access history in Gmail, just make a click on Chats and the web mail will automatically show you the list. The procedure discussed can turn helpful if it is practiced in the practical field. Users say that the procedures, steps and  process has turned out to be a lot helpful as it helped them to access chat history in Gmail and also find chat history in Gmail.


Other than being a communication medium, Gmail has also included voice chat since August, 2010 as we can see that Google had released a plug-in which enables you to integrate telephone communication between several users of the same addresses. With added security features and warnings, Gmail is a complete safe package to use and browse through.
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