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How to Get Free Shopping Coupons and Use them Online

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Everyone loves shopping and it would be great if one can save in their shopping expenses. One of the best ways to save money during shopping is to use free shopping coupons during the purchase. It can bring good discounts and sometimes the item can even be bought for free. There are various ways by which one can get free shopping coupons and use them online.

How to Get Free Shopping Coupons and Use them Online

Asking a family member or friend

There are many instances where a family member or a friend has free shopping coupons which they do not intend to use. In those cases, you can ask for the coupons from them. They may have Sunday coupons which they can hand over to you.

Checking coupon code websites

There are many websites which list all the free coupons from different brands. Coupon websites are plenty in number and there are authentic ones among those.

Getting coupons from a manufacturer’s website or newsletters

It’s a good practice to visit a manufacturer’s website to check if there are free coupons or coupon codes. Manufacturers often include free shopping coupons in their newsletters, which can be obtained by signing up for the newsletters.

Getting coupons as a loyalty member

Some shopping stores provide free shopping coupons to anyone who is a member of the store loyalty program. This is a good way to get free shopping coupons. The coupons are provided at the point-of-sale terminals during a purchase.

Checking your mailbox

Many brands and manufacturers send you mail when they are providing discounts. These mails can contain free coupons or coupon codes which can be printed and used. So, whenever there’s a mail from your favorite brand, open it and check it for coupons.

Write to the manufacturer

One can always write to a manufacturer praising their brand quality and telling them how much you love using their products. Asking them to mail you any free shopping coupons can help. You shouldn’t forget to give them your mailing address.

How to use the coupons online

Once you have free coupons or coupons codes, it’s time to use them during shopping. Once you have selected a particular item to buy, go to the checkout page. There should be an option to include the free coupon code. Some coupon codes can be used after providing the online shopping service your credit card information. These coupon codes will discount the final price.


Everyone loves getting discounts on the products from their favourite brands. Following the above mentioned steps, one can get free shopping coupons and enjoy good discounts on the products.
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