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How to Create Backup of Your Tweets

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Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking sites at present. It has managed to gather millions of users within a short period. Operating the functions on the site is very easy. The users have to post Tweets. But these Tweets have to be stored somewhere for future use. Here are the tips to Create Backup of Your Tweets. People have to create an account over there with their picture. After creating the account, they have to follow many people on Twitter. In turn, people may start liking the Tweets of that user and start following him or her.

How to Create Backup of Your Tweets

Creating backups of Tweets:

In this way, it works as a cycle. Getting popular on Twitter is very important. Otherwise people will not start following the account. Users may even invite people to follow his or her account. Now it has a huge number of users all together. The site has its separate apps for Android and Windows phones as well. This increases the users for PC users to cell users also. The Tweets made by the users can be stored. There are a few simple steps to Create Backup of Your Tweets. The first method is known as the twDocs. The concept of this twDocs is very simple.

The twDocs:

It can save specific parts of a Tweet in seven different file formats. These file formats are PDF, Word, XML, CSV, normal text, HTML and Excel. This twDocs can save the users’ comments and other necessary information as well. Only the portion or the Tweet has to be selected and put on twDocs. It will do the rest of the functions. So this feature is just awesome. It can even save the DMs which are received or sent. There is another way of to Create Backup of Your Tweets. It is done using an app. The name of this app is Backupify.

The Backupify app:

This app is available at free of cost and even in the paid version. The free version allows storage of Tweets and other data up to 1 GB. The paid version will back up the data on a daily basis with more storage capacity. This app can be used for Gmail, Google Drive and other social networking sites also. This app is a subscription based app. It will backup all the personal info weekly. The user does not have to do anything. So it is just awesome for creating backups of Tweets.

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