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How To Use TV as Computer Monitor

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Sometimes it is very useful to use tv as computer monitor. Suppose you don’t have projector or your projector is damaged, and you have to make a urgent presentation, then you can use your High Definition TV to display your presentation on big screen. It may also useful, if you do not have desktop monitor, and you are thinking to convert your laptop to computer desktop. It can be also useful when you want to share photos, view family videos, or play exciting games on huge screen of your personal High Definition Television. Although all computers and TVs supports signal via HDMI. But for supporting TVs, today we will tell you, how to use tv as computer Monitor.

How To Use TV as Computer Monitor

Use TV as computer monitor:

Whenever the computer monitors get damaged, people generally think of buying another monitor. Sometimes, buying another monitor becomes expensive for some people. If the size of the monitor is beyond 20’, then it will be really expensive. In that case, people can use TV as computer monitor. No one comes up with this idea. Yes, it is possible. The TV can be used a computer monitor. There are many HDTVs available these days. Those can be attached to the computer and used as computer monitors. It will serve as both TV and monitor. This concept is just superb.

Benefits of use TV as computer monitor:

It saves the money in a way. Also it saves the space in a house as there will be a less appliance at home. These days, spacing is problem in houses. use tv as computer Monitor in that case. There are many cheap yet good flat HDTVs in the market. Those will save the space at home. Also it will look very trendy. Being slim, it will fit in a small gap. It is very easy to switch between a TV and monitor. All it needs to be done is pressing a button. The first and foremost thing that should be checked is the ports.

Basic requirements:

There must be a HDMI port on the TV. This is the most important and essential requirement. use tv as computer Monitor using this HDMI port. Generally there are two HDMI ports. Also it has to be made sure that the computer has DVI output. This port is as important as the HDMI port on TV. These two ports act as the linkage. These ports are responsible for converting a TV into a computer monitor. If these ports are not there, then it is not possible to convert a TV into computer monitor.

Configuring the system:

When these ports are present, the connector wire has to be bought from the market. use tv as computer Monitor by connecting this wire. But the money spent will be worth it. The DVI side should be connected to the CPU and the HDMI side to the TV. Configuring the computer after connecting is very easy. There are no complex steps to follow. Only the aspect ratio has to be kept on mind. If the aspect ratio does not fit automatically, then it has to be fixed manually. This can be done by right clicking on the desktop and going to properties.

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