How to Get Indexed by Google Super Fast in just 5 Ways

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Search Engine Optimization is becoming quite popular these days. There are so many techniques related to search engine optimization. While going through these processes, it is necessary for your website to get indexed.  The on page optimization is very much necessary to get you website indexed in the first page of the search engine. Create an XML site map to Google webmaster tool and also perform the link building side by side on good and popular websites such as digg.com, delicious and so on. These all are white hat techniques and performs the fast and safe indexing.

Google bookmarks
Google, MSN, Yahoo all these search major search engines have provided people with the various facilities to customize their home page according to them.  The customization process also includes a listing of social bookmarks for the user to use that list for their own propose.  Whenever Google assures a bookmark on somebody’s page it is always suspected that they add it to their list of websites to visit. Many people might not be familiar with the Google homepage and they find the same on other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN because they also offer the same services and these are highly recommended to take advantage of them.
Craigslist Use
Some other origination way for Search engine to notice your new site is to acquire a link on Craigslist. Right away, this is a sort of gray hat or black hat technique depending upon the person who ask for it and therefore please don’t abuse it. So what you want to do is go to Craigslist for some large city like Chicago and then look. Look for a potential writer for you blog and make sure you include the link to your website with proper keywords and anchor tag.
Link exchanging technique
Exchanging Links are one of the most former ways for people to get vulnerability to their internet site and get indexed. For link exchanges, you can search Google looking but that’s rather a pain and can be a long time consuming. As luck would have it, there are many services like linked market and these link exchanging is of three types, one way link building, two way or reciprocal link building and three way link building. Here, people are looking to exchange link that comes together.
Blog commenting
Blog commenting is one of the best off page technique and the one way link building method.  This method helps you to get your website indexed in the search engine and it creates a number of back links to your website. By placing few comments on the do follow websites can provide you authentic back-links and the best part is each back-link would be displayed on every page of the blog.
Article marketing
Article syndication/ Article Marketing are not only a best way to get back links to your website but this is the real technique to get the website indexed. The more the fresh content on your website, the more will be the indexing.
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