What’s New in Microsoft Excel 2013?

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Microsoft has released Office 2013 (Customer Preview) for general public availability. If you have not download it yet, then use below links to Download Office 2013 Customer Preview.

  • English (32 bit  |  64 bit)
  • Japanese (32 bit  |  64 bit)
  • Espanol (32 bit  |  64 bit)

This time new Microsoft Office 2013 (aka. Office 15) borrowed the metro look from Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Now Office design support Touch Interface as well as Keyboard and Mouse Interface. In this Post we will discuss about new features of Microsoft Excel 2013.

What’s New in Microsoft Excel 2013?

As we Already told you, Microsoft Excel 2013 design is inspired from Metro UI. This time it uses Different Green Theme (Metro Theme) compare to the Microsoft Office 2010. When you open Excel 2013, you Will be welcomed by Readymade templates (i.e. Channel Marketing Budget, Generic Family Budget, Expense trend Budget, Personal Money Tracker and Many more).

Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features

  • You can now save and share your data on Microsoft SkyDrive, the Cloud service offered by Microsoft.
  • The new Account tab contains the user information as well as connected services organized into 3 sections:
    • Images & Video (Flickr, YouTube)
    • Storage (SharePoint, SkyDrive)
    • Sharing
  • You can now customize the new interface using the Office Background themes by visiting File>>Account>>Office Background (But You should signup before changing themes otherwise you will not find any options)
  • Now you can directly save your excel spreadsheet files to PDF or XPS by Visiting Export Options
  • You can now share selected portion of your data with Your friends and colleagues with Social Media Features (i.e. Facebook Integration) using any 3rd party apps
  • You can now analyze your complete excel sheet and make it easy to visualize the records
  • Excel will now recommend the charts that visualize your data patterns properly
  • You can now preview your chart and graph options to change it to a different style pattern that is more suitable for your data. When you select a chart, the chart elements button will appear on the top right corner. You just need to select the elements that can add more value to the chart(i.e. Data Table, Error Bars, Timeline, Titles and more).
  • Chart Filter Features will help you directly filter your charts data and made a fresh chart in same sheet, it means you do not need to make chart again and again, you can just filter and change charts in a single sheet.
  • Quick Analysis button helps you to analyze data from a powerful set of 5 tools(formatting, charts, totals, tables and Sparklines) which  instantly show results inside your table for instant analysis
  • Excel 2013 allows you to search images while remaining relevant to the worksheet under progress without opening any search engine. The source of these images are royalty-free photo library, Bing Image Search, SkyDrive and Flickr accounts can be used to search, preview and insert relevant images into your workspace.
  • Excel 2013 has an extensive list of data sources that multiplies the impact of your data relevance. You can now import data as a Table or PivotTable Report from Windows Azure Marketplace and ODATA Data Feed.
  • You can Summarize data automatically with previous values using the Pivot table
  • Flash Fill Feature intelligently follows data patterns and trends interpreting the relevant meaning, in order to assist you in carrying out the task. Excel learns and recognizes your pattern and auto fills the remaining cells without using any additional formulas and macros
  • Proper and enhanced permission secures your worksheet from unauthorized activity

Some More Screenshot of Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013, the new version has improved so much new features like flash-filling, quick-analyzing and intelligent charts. Tell us your views about the new Excel Features.

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