How to Import Web Data into Google Docs

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People have been using Google Docs for long but most of them do not know that besides doing documentation and spreadsheets, there are lot more features. People do not know how to make the best out of Google Docs. Here are the steps to Import Web Data into Google Docs.

How to Import Web Data into Google Docs

Types of web data that can be imported:
With the help of Google Docs, people can import the web pages on it. Those data can be edited on Google Docs even. People can also change the language of the text in a cell to another language. Not only these much but also people can read the RSS Feed on Google Docs. The web pages can be monitored on Google Docs. Any people do these things on Google Docs and he or she need not to be an expert in coding of computers or something like that. Only he or she need to know how to use the import functions to import the web pages, RSS Feeds, etc.
Way to import:

  1. First of all, let us deal how to import web page into the Google Docs. The Google Spreadsheet needs to be opened and any cell should be double clicked to enter the web address of the web page.
  2. As soon as enter is pressed, Google automatically imports the second cell from the specified web page. Along with the tables, HTML lists can also be inserted using the “<ol>” or the “<ul>” keywords.
  3. If there are many lists on a web page, one can change the 3rd parameter along with the index of list that one wishes to keep inside the Google Docs.

The imported data do not get updated:
It must be remembered that once the web data are inserted, it will not get updated even if the web data get updated on respective sites. When the web data are imported on Google Docs, all the links that it has with the respective web site gets lost as soon as the data are copied on the Google Docs. The web page monitoring can be done using the Google Docs with the help of Import XML. The Google Doc spreadsheet can also be enhanced using pictures on it. So one should know how to Import Web Data into Google Docs.
Inserting web data on Google Docs make the application much better and useful in many respects. People really get benefitted when they are able to Import Web Data into Google Docs. So knowing the ways to do the job is important and it can be done by following the above procedures.

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