How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android

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Even with the advancement of technology and coming up of smart phones, the problem of duplicate contacts is still there. The smart phones have options to sync it with various things like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. Due to this, many contacts get duplicated. Like there may be a contact containing a person’s cell number. And then after syncing, the cell creates another contact with his home number. So the number of contacts increases and it gets difficult to browse through the contact list. There is a simple solution for this problem. All the duplicate contacts can me merged in single contact. It follows a few simple steps in android phones, Here are the steps    to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android.

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android

Using Google contacts:

  • If a person is using Google contacts to store his or her contacts, it is very easy. First the Google contact’s homepage has to be opened from a PC. Then the account has to log in. After logging into the account, the ‘My Contacts’ option has to be clicked. All the contacts that are there in the android cell will be shown.
  • Then the contact group has to be selected where the user wants to perform the duplication check.
  • After that the ‘Find and Merge Contacts’ option has to be selected. The duplicate contacts in that group will be searched and merged.

Using the contacts from phone:

  • In case the contacts are not stored in Google Contacts, the contacts have to be merged using android apps. There are many apps available on Google Play Store.
  • There are many apps like ‘Go Contacts Ex’ which provides awesome service.
  • This app is basically an app for dialer and contact manager. But over here, only the merging of contacts will be dealt with.
  • After installing this app on the android, the ‘Merge’ option has to be selected.

How the app works:

  • Then there will be a dialog box asking for the primary field of the search.
  • The primary basis of searching the duplicate contacts has to be chosen.
  • The app will now search the duplicate contacts from the android cell. It will show the duplicate contacts searched by the app.
  • Then the duplicate contacts will be checked on the basis of the primary field. If it is name, it will tally the names. If it is numbered, it will tally with the numbers.

Then the contacts will be merged one at a time. Finally the app will merge all the duplicate contacts.
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