Top 10 Windows Phone Apps of 2013

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Windows Phone OS is fastest growing Mobile operating system and No.of Apps for Windows Phone Platform are increasing day by day. So there are many Apps available in the Windows Phone Store. But it is not an easy job to find best apps among all available Windows Phone Apps, So in this article we will tell you Top 10 Windows Phone Apps of 2013 or 10 Best Windows Phone Apps of 2013.

Top 10 Windows Phone Apps of 2013

1. Metro tube
It is the most widely popular YouTube client for windows phone devices. The interface is top-notch with modern GUI and a host of straightforward and easy controls. The app also comes with a full collection of playback options which make it even more versatile.
2. ConnectMe
As always, Remote Desktop apps always take the highest spot on top app charts. The specialty with this one is that it allows you to manage the immobile windows devices over the Local Area Network and the Internet. It is not the cheapest of apps yet the money’s worth is justified in every bit of this application.
3. WhatsApp
This is a cross-platform free messenger who allows for texting and multiple file transfer. The most powerful of all free messengers, this has sent some times in the top app charts for all well known Operating systems and Windows phone is no exception. The performance reports have been terrific and indicate the usefulness and quality of the product.
4. Cocktail Flow
There is a My Bar option which allows you to browse through the personalized options that you may have created in the past about your own collection and preferences. All liquor and liquor brands of the country are listed against different categories and serves to manage the parties at weekends or regular refreshments.
5. Battery Sense
This application shows accurate data on weekly and daily based battery usage and power saving options. This also gives extremely accurate data about the amount of charge left in the battery at a certain point of time. To blend with the current theme of Windows UI, this app sports a host of different customization options.
6. TV Catch up
Over 50 UK channels and premium digital TV stations on other countries are served by this free application. Live streaming and interactive menus have been incorporated into the app to make it more interesting and develop the couch potato experience through the smart phone.
7. Skype
Skype provides a lot of different ways to connect and communicate amongst far-reaching distances. Perhaps, the most popular application on the internet for making personal video calls and instant messengers now allows for video adjustments for various types of the internet connection in between.
8. Thumba Photo editing
Most of the Windows phone devices of Nokia have high-end camera capabilities which call for a lot of experimentation with editing. There are at least 70 high quality effect options and highly satisfactory adjustment alternatives. It is a snazzy photo editor and apt for the camera options in Lumia 920 and related devices.
9. Facebook
The Facebook mobile apps continue to spark success on all platforms, Window phone 7 and 8 being no exception to it. The Windows phone version of the Facebook app had recently suffered severe criticism following which effective updates have been put up which has refined the social media app to a great extent.
10. YouTube
YouTube is a must have app for all the Nokia Lumia users and other Windows phone devices as well. The Windows phone music and the Windows video hub automatically integrates with the YouTube app and serves to provide access to streamlined contents.
Hope You like our article of 10 Best Windows Phone Apps of 2013, please share list of Top 10 Windows Phone Apps of 2013 according to your opinion in our comments.

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