How to root Android Phone or Tablet

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If someone tries to root android phone or tablet then he or she can get off with any restriction that the manufacturer applies to that product. By rooting your device you can customize the device to a greater extent, run more applications in it and can also speed up its performance in various ways. Before installing a new version of android one should create a backup of their present software and contents safely.

Potential Risk
One must get to know about the potential risk before rooting their device as this may lead to the loss of their handset. Few potential risks are:

  • Warranty Risk: Most of the manufacturers disapprove their warranty once they get to know that your device is rooted. So you must also learn how to entreat your device before is rooting it.
  • Security Risk: Security risks are mostly prone to your device once it gets rooted. Routing can cause a security vulnerability which depends on the applications or services you use after rooting.
  • The bricking of phone: Most fears their phone to get bricked after rooting. Advice to them is to be safe and to follow proper guidelines before starting the root process. Before applying any change to their device they should research for feedback from others.

How to root Android Phone or Tablet

How to root

Get some info before you start the procedure for rooting. The popular place to get info related to rooting and customisation to ROM is the forum by XDA-Developers. Here you can get to know how to root your device and also find reviews of others.

Steps for rooting:

  • First you need to check that your device is fully charged.
  • Secondly, your device should be connected to the computer via USB cable.
  • Then you are turning the USB debugging mode on.
  • Install the USB driver of the device.
  • Start the root process with the help of Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

Software Involved
One of the easiest ways to perform root process is to download the One Click Root. This software can be made to work on a lot of devices. Instruction on how to implement the use of this device can be got from the thread of One Click Root in XDA-Developers Forum. With the help of this software you can perform the root task with just one click.

Root Advantage
It can be very exciting and thrilling to gain access over the full system of an android phone or a tablet. You can upgrade your device all by yourself. The main benefit of rooting a device includes customisation of ROM, over clocking which on the other hand improves performance. Battery life has also been reported to improve.
Root process can be exciting to many but it has its cons and pros. One should gain a total knowledge before performing the task and also be aware of its consequences. If you have any issues to root Android Phone, Please share in comment section

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