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How to Solve USB Pen Drive Write Protection Errors

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We often face a common problem while using a flash disk drive. Generally, this error is termed as the USB Pen Drive Write Protection Errors. Actually, what happens is that often some of the flash disk drive or the memory cards have got a write protection switch. This switch is most of the time responsible for this write protection error.

How To Solve USB Pen Drive Write Protection Errors

Possible reasons behind this error
What happens is that, whenever the write protection switch is turned on, the user is unable to do many things with the flash disk drive. For example, the user may not be able to delete anything from the flash disk drive. Also, no new files can be copied to a flash disk drive which has got the write protection switch turned on. One may not also be able to format the flash disk drive. Other than this, sometimes many flash disk drives are also there that shows this error and prevents the flash drive from being formatted. Let us see one or the other ways about how we can remove this write protection error.
Ways to solve the error
The easiest and the common way used for removing the USB Pen Drive Write Protection Errors are to format the flash disk drive using the command prompt in the safe mode. The first thing that we should do for formatting the pen drive using the command lines is that we need to shutdown the computer. Then, we must insert the pen drive. After this we must turn on the computer. Once the computer is turned on, almost immediately we must press the F8 key. Upon pressing the F8 key, the Advanced Boot Options screen will appear. From there we must select the Safe Mode with the command prompt option. After all the files are loaded and suppose if the letter of the pen drive is G, then we must write this C:\windows\system32>G: After writing this line we must press enter key. After this we must write G:\>format G: and then again we must press the enter key. After this a dialogue box will appear asking to press Y/N. this time we must type Y and then again we must press the enter key.
When all the above steps are over, the full formatting of the pen drive will start and this will then remove the USB Pen Drive Write Protection Errors. Thus, we can see that it is really a very easy process. Well, there are no more better ways to solve this error.

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