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How to Import Instagram Photos to Flickr

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People upload large number of photos to Instagram. It has become one of the most popular social networking sites for photos. Flickr is also another popular website on the internet. People often will to Import Instagram Photos to Flickr. Here are the steps to import those Instagram photos to Flickr.

How to Import Instagram Photos to Flickr

There are lots of applications that help to Import Instagram Photos to Flickr. Every application has their merits and demerits. Among those many applications, Flickstagram is the best one to serve the purpose. It helps to import the pictures one uploads on Instagram, to the Flickr. This application which is known as the Flickstagram makes a separate directory known as the “Instagram Photos” where it imports all the pictures uploaded on the Instagram. The importing of pictures is done very efficiently and also very quickly. The process is very simple and easy, and thus anyone can do it. The photos which are imported on Flickr from the Instagram using Flickstagram have the captions given on Instagram.
Associated info imported:
It also has the hash tags which were initially given on Instagram and will behave as the Flickr tags. The location data are also imported and the date of the original photo is well preserved. Importing the pictures is as simple as water. First and foremost the user needs to have Instagram and Flickr account. Both the accounts need to be logged in. This needs to be performed from the flickstagram.org. The next check box is to choose the privacy type of the photos. Ultimately the “Go” button needs to be clicked.
Limitation of non-Flickr Pro members:
As soon as the photos are imported to the Flickr, the comments made on the photos in Instagram are imported as well. If the user does not have Flickr Pro profile, then he or she can import only the first 1500 photos. If the location preference settings are turned off or not touched on Flickr by the user, then the location data of the photos that are imported will not be copied. Thus the users not only import the pictures, but the entire info associated with every picture with the help of Flickstagram.
Importing pictures of Instagram on Flickr is the most flexible way when it is done using the Flickstagram. Importing has never been so easier and exciting before. The best part of the application is that it imports all the associated data of the photos. So the above steps need to be followed to Import Instagram Photos to Flickr.

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