5 Free Microsoft Office Alternative

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Microsoft Office has been the best Office tool forever. But there is other Office tools to which provide very good service to the people. They also have the entire Office package including spreadsheet, documentation and presentation packages. Here is few of the Microsoft Office Alternative which is discussed in detail for the sake of users.

5 Free Microsoft Office Alternative

  1. Apache OpenOfficeMS Office will charge a huge amount if a person goes to buy it. There are many small scale industries that do not have a huge financial strength. They cannot afford to spend huge sum on buying the MS Office. In that case, Apache OpenOffice can serve the purpose. It has got spreadsheet, document, presentation and many other tools.
  2. LibreOffice This tool is one of the divisions of OpenOffice since the coding used for this software is same as that of the OpenOffice. It has got the OpenOffice Writer, Impress, Draw, Math and the Base. The difference between both the Office tools is that this one is considered to be more active than the OpenOffice.
  3. NeoOffice This is another division of the OpenOffice, but this version is meant for the Mac users. There is no marked difference in the features provided, just that this version is focused on Mac. The latest version of this tool supports the high resolution texts and graphics on the Retina display.
  4. Google DocsThis is the best Office tool for the online purpose. It has got the spreadsheet package, presentation, drawings, documentation as well as forms. It lets the user work very efficiently and is very easy to use. Google has also got a very wonderful cloud storage service along with Google Docs which let the users store large files on the Google Drive. This is a very good Microsoft Office Alternative.
  5. KOffice This software tool has got three main tools of the office package such as the word, spreadsheet and the presentation app. The latest version of this software is 2.3.3 and it is compatible with the Windows, FreeBSD, Mac and Linux.

People often need Microsoft Office Alternative for which the cause may differ. One of the major causes is the problem of finance which the small scale industries face hugely. They are not capable enough to provide the huge amount of money that Microsoft Office charges for their package. Thus they have to depend on some other alternative of Microsoft Office.

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