How to Backup Evernote Notebooks (Method for Both Windows and Macs)

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There are many occasions when one may need to backup the notes present in the Evernote. There are plenty of reasons. One of the common reasons is when a person is going to format his or her device where the Evernote is installed. Also someone may Backup Evernote Notebooks for security purposes. Here the process for doing so is discussed.

How to Backup Evernote Notebooks (Method for Both Windows and Macs)

To Backup Evernote Notebooks, one must have a copy of Evernote desktop version either in Windows PC or the Mac. There are two different ways to backup the notes of Evernote. One can export all the notebooks from Evernote app or one can backup all the notebooks of Evernote to the computer. When one is exporting the notebooks, he or she comes across a rendered dialog box where the person needs to select the type of file in which the notebooks will be. The best way to backup the notebooks of Evernote is manually backing up the notes of Evernote.
Locating Evernote database:
The database files of the Evernote notebooks are found over here for Windows- Windows: C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases. And here for the Mac users- OS X: /Users/[Your Username]/Library/Application Support/Evernote. The user can manually backup all the files that are there in the Evernote and restore it to Evernote later on when need arises. Evernote do not provide any automated backup tool but one can use some backup tools which will use the third party tools to make it certain that the folder of Evernote database is a part of the routine of backup. The Evernote users can take help of cloud service provided by it.
Creating backup:
Firstly a folder needs to be created in the root folder of the cloud storage service as the Evernote Import. In the Evernote desktop version, the Tools needs to be clicked followed by Import Folders. Then the Evernote folder is to be selected from the Drop box directory and the Notebooks to be selected then. Then the source should be kept in “Keep” order. This will preserve the Notebooks in the directory upon import. Thus the Notebooks of the Evernote will be backed up on the computer manually and the user can restore it later.

Backing up of Notebooks of the Evernote can become very vital at times. Sometimes people should create some backups when huge number of notebooks is created as they may lose those any time. If they lose those, there will be a great loss. So the process to Backup Evernote Notebooks is given above and the process should be followed.

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