Transfer Gmail Messages to Another Email address

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Do you wish to transfer all your stuffs from your old Gmail account? Do you wish to shift all the existing emails, chat messages and other stuffs to a new account? Well, now you can actually move all those essential stuffs from your old Gmail account to a new Email address with an ace. Read on to have a profound perception over the topic to Transfer Gmail Messages to Another email address.

How to Transfer Gmail Messages to Another Email address?

Gmail provides you with relevant utilities
Some useful utilities are provided by Gmail to manage your account as per requirements. Mail Fetcher is one of those important utilities which help you to move or share your mails and messages to and between Gmail accounts or Gmail and Outlook accounts.
Steps to Transfer Mails and Messages
In order to move your stuffs from an existing email address, you will need to configure the script, log in to your existing / old Google account and then focus on given steps
Begin by generating the Mail Forwarding Sheet and then simply copy it to your Google Drive. After that you will be re-directed to Google Docs. An option will appear for making a new copy of documents on that particular page. Click on “make a copy” option which will direct you to a spread sheet. You will find some options at the top of the page, arranged in a tabular form. From there, locate Gmail and click on it, in order to transfer mails.
Transfer your mails easily
Now, on clicking the transfer button, a new dialogue box will generate to copy emails from the existing Gmail to your given choice of email address on the blank space provided. Finally, click the transfer button in order to proceed with it accordingly. On clicking the transfer button, the emails will be automatically forwarded to your new account, accordingly.
Google script will run in the background
In the background, Google Script will run in order to transfer each messages from your existing Gmail account to the new one. The action will take some time and will depend on the size of your Gmail inbox. Generally it takes a few days to complete the whole process conceding Gmail’s daily limit of sending mails. Also, don’t expect the trash, spam or sent items folders in your new account. Those messages are auto-ignored.

Follow these essential guidelines in order to appropriately transfer all your stuff to the new email platform you’ve chosen. In fact, Gmail’s in built feature will specifically assist you with this service competently and appropriately. So, start brainstorming and incorporate these guidelines in order to enjoy an enhanced mailing experience.

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