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How to use 301 Redirect method to change from blogspot domain to custom domain

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As you all know we have moved to new domain http://techstic.com/ from blogspot domain few time ago,and i thought to share 301 Redirect method with you all.So anyone can easily move from blogspot domain to custom domain using 301 redirect method.
301 redirect from blogger to custom domain

You can use it in several situations, including:
  • to redirect an old website to a new address
  • to setup several domains pointing to one website
  • to enforce only one version of your website (www. or no-www)
  • to harmonize a URL structure change

To do 301 Redirect , the steps to take are these, in this order (to avoid downtime on your blog) – assuming you’ve already bought your own domain name from a provider (i.e GoDaddy.com, Bigrock.com, ix web hosting, 1and1, EveryDNS.net, Yahoo!SmallBusiness, namedeal.com, DNS Park ) and domain name provider already have name servers.

  1. Go to your domain name provider’s site (not Blogger) – where you purchased domain name or domain name hosting service.
  2. Login to your account, and go to DNS Records.
  3. Now look for ” A Records” and edit IP setting according to below table and add all 4 IP address pointing to your domain.(but do not use www before your domain name),and use TTL value according to your domain name provider’s default value or use 7200.
    Sr No Name Destination IP Address
    1 yourdomain.com
    2 yourdomain.com
    3 yourdomain.com
    4 yourdomain.com
  4. Then edit “CNAME” recording with your domain name (with www) to ghs.google.com (blogspot address) according below table,and use TTL value according to your domain name provider’s default value or use 7200.
    Sr No Name Destination IP Address
    1 www.yourdomain.com ghs.google.com
  5. The most important point to note is that you must create the CNAME record for the www “alias”, not for the “naked” domain.
  6. Now go Blogger Dashboard, then click on publishing tab, then click on Custom Domain link.
  7. If you have not purchased any domain  then enter your desired and check availibility and puchased directly from google.
  8. If you already have custom domain click on “Switch to advance setting link and enter your custom domain name, then save setting,and you are done.
  9. Your custom domain is ready with your blogger posts.However it may take 24 – 72 Hours to properly update DNS name server record and your domain work properly.So don’t panic and wait for some time.


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