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How to Use Wikipedia Offline for Knowledge

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Wikipedia is one of the mostly used websites online. It provides info on any possible thing of earth. It provides a detailed study of everything along with pictures. Its SEO ranking is at the top most level and people preferred Wikipedia over any other site. There is a way to use Wikipedia Offline.

How to Use Wikipedia Offline for Knowledge

The Offline Wiki:
There is an app known as the Offline Wiki. This is a wonder application to use Wikipedia Offline http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/mac/Wiki-Offline-Review-260736.shtml.It saves as well as downloads a copy of almost all the contents and article of Wikipedia. The English version of Wikipedia can only be accessed with the help of this app. It stores all the contents locally, which are the reason why it can be used without an internet connection. The mechanism of this app is awesome. It saves all the articles of Wikipedia in a dumped format in a small version which stores 14 MB and the larger version is of 1 GB.
Internal working:
It uses the Web Workers and the API files which help to seek specific parts of the files which were compressed and dumped. It then decompressed the files with a genuine Java script accomplishment of LZMA. Finally it converts the Wiki text into the normal HTML format. The whole process is responsible for making the Wikipedia offline. But all these processes work super fast within the blink of an eye. To use Wikipedia Offline, there is basically no installation of any software. It is just making the web page as the bookmark. The process used to convert the Wiki text to normal HTML and the other processes responsible was never thought before.
Using Wikipedia offline:
It gives a new dimension to the modern science of IT. Wikipedia is almost like a giant dictionary. Dictionary is wrong actually, it is an encyclopedia. It also provides history of any topic. That is the best part of Wikipedia. They provide many reference links also. But many people at times do not get internet connectivity. For them, this is the way to use Wikipedia Offline. At present, nothing is impossible. So science made it possible to use Wikipedia Offline as well, nothing can be better than that.
Wikipedia is required by almost all the net users around the world. It is such a site which will be opened by everyone at least once in the entire lifetime. This site has bunch of info. No other site is as rich with info as this one. So to use Wikipedia Offline, the above processes must be used.

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