How To Add Google Talk to Outlook.com

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The outlook.com is out of preview and is filled with new releases to make one feel experience and productive in personal. Microsoft introduces Google talk, being integrated to outlook.com directly, through which we can message our friends for audio and text. This shows that Microsoft refreshes the mail service by Add Google Talk to Outlook.com.

How To Add Google Talk to Outlook.com

Bringing people together:
People wants to make friendship and get connected with different other peoples in this world. They gets into various social networking sites to do so, talking about Gmail account, previously it did not have the chat box like other social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. Now, one can chat in the Gmail while checking their mail and can give an instant reply from the outlook.com inbox. This Add Google Talk to Outlook.com is applicable for windows phone and android phone on the demand for the ones who wants to chat in there Gmail account. Once you are connected with the service, all your contacts are shown at a particular place. Sometimes you are connected to people frequently it links, match such contacts together. This makes your work easier were you do not need to find for such people separately to chat and hence saving time and effort.
In sky drive or outlook.com open the option messaging pane, there you will get a message which tells you about setting up of chat through Google contacts. In order to get started, click it; which will take only few minute.
On setting up connection, arises Google authorization flow. The services accessing your Google information is controlled by the Google. Next click on the option allowing access which will help you to chat and allows you to connect contact services to Google and the chat service is complete. Finally you can go for checking the contact list where you can see all your Google contacts had appeared.
Click on any of the picture to start up a conversation or search for any contacts within the messaging pane.
Chat on SkyDrive:
This messaging service works not only on Gmail etc but also in skydrive.com. People working on document together can chat with each other by not leaving the skydrive. Sharing link and editing can also be done in real.
Now rolling out:
This facility Add Google Talk to Outlook.com is going to be available on a worldwide basis to everyone. Few quirks you might have noticed while jumping around outlook.com and skydrive, this problem will be resolved after the rollout gets complete. One must give it a try if you are not using this outlook.com, in order to know the value which it possesses, and after using it you will surely start discussing about it and suggest your friend to use it.
Why one should use this Add Google Talk to Outlook.com?? This modern technique saves the time, it updates your Gmail account, messaging can be done on a quick basis, though it has got no video calling in it. If they want the service of video calling will also be seen soon.

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