How to Make 3D Stereoscope Images

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People often watch 3D movies or 3D pictures these days with the help of a special spectacle which is basically a polarized glass. Many people wish to Make 3D Stereoscope Images by themselves and amaze people by their creativity. Well making 3D movies or pictures is not that tough though it may not be the best like professional standards.

How to Make 3D Stereoscope Images

What is 3D picture or video?
3D anaglyph videos and pictures are in the market for about a decade. 3D pictures and movies are made by superimposing two images of the same object with a slight difference of contrasting tones. This is the basic science behind it and superimposing of images creates an angle which is polarized by 3D glasses. To Make 3D Stereoscope Images, two pictures can be taken in two different ways. One can take snaps using two cameras which will be shot at a time or one can even take snaps using a single camera shot twice from different positions.
How to make 3D images:
When a person is going to take snaps using two cameras at a time, there has to be a distance of about 3 to 4 inches between each other. In case of single camera shot twice, one need to mark the position of camera and second position should be marked likewise keeping 3 to 4 inches. Our eye is the greatest 3D glass ever. We see each and every object in 3D form, how is that possible? It is because we have got two eyes and both eyes watch images together but in a bit different angles which are being interpreted by our brain making a 3D image.
How brain interprets 3D:
This is how our brain makes 3D Stereoscope Images. The two different colored glasses used in 3D glasses are generally chosen as cyan and red. Mostly people use a single camera to shoot images as cameras are expensive and arranging two cameras is a bit difficult. Also there will be a problem in two cameras if both are not of the same make and model. So it is safer to do with a single camera. Firstly one needs to shoot an image from a position and mark the image.
Then the camera needs to be slide to another position without changing the distance between the image and object. It has to be made sure that in case of clicking images, both images should have same focus and light availability. Finally images need to be loaded on computer and superimposed. This is how you can Make 3D Stereoscope Images.

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