How to Open Password Protected PDF Files

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It can be seen that you might have received a PDF file from your friend or someone else which is password protect. For this, you are unable to view the document. Or in other case, you might have kept a PDF file password protected and somehow you forgot the password of the file. For this reason you are not allowed to copy or print from that PDF file. You need to Open Password Protected PDF for it is an emergency. Under such circumstances what do you do?

How to Open Password Protected PDF Files

No need to worry. Well there no known technique that is easy and straight forward to unlock the PDF files that are protected by passwords. Well the person who has created may have given two different types of password: 1) for opening the PDF file and 2) for copying and printing the file. In order to crack open the file, the computer might take a lot of time.
There is many software or programs that are available in the market. Among them, elcomsoft software may be regarded as the best. The software is marketed in two different types: 1) Limited usage or Personal use and 2) Enterprise edition. There is also a trial version of the software which is available for download and trial. The software uses various types of technique to crack the password. These are Brute Force Attack, Strong Password Recovery, Dictionary attack, Thunder Table@ Technology.

  • Thunder Table@ Technology.

Among them, Thunder Table@ Technology is the best to Open Password Protected PDF files. It is available to the Enterprise Edition users only. To get this, you have to get a valid license from the company. The technology uses pre-calculated tables in order to make the recovery of password very fast. It is uses 40 bit keys. For this reason, the password recovery is very fast in this mode.

  • Dictionary attack:

This is a common technique. It uses all the available that are available in the dictionary by using various types of combination of text and words.

  • Strong Password Recovery:

It is a special kind of recovery where the encryption is high. It is mainly used to crack files that are encrypted with 256 bit or 128 bit encryption key.

  • Brute Force Attack:

When everything fails, this is the ultimate trick. It uses every possible combination to crack open the file. It requires a great amount of time of time to complete. But the programming has been so greatly that it has been optimized at the very level coding. F0r this reason, it is comparatively very much fast to other programs that is available in the market.
Advanced PDF password recovery which is available for professional edition is one of the best software that can be recommended to be used for Open Password Protected PDF. Thunder Table@ Technology is an initiative process which has made the password recovery very much faster. Also it is recommended to use a powerful configured CPU while performing such type of recovery. As the program would require high amount of memory, it is recommended to keep the computer during the recovery.

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