How to Open Password Protected Excel Sheet

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It is often seen that you might have done some important work in an Excel file and kept is aside by using a password. In due time, when it is required you have forgotten the password. Or in other case, a colleague of yours who is working with you have gone on a long vacation and you urgently need the file. But the file is password locked. What can be done? How will you recover Open Password Protected Excel as quickly as possible?

How to Open Password Protected Excel Sheet

However there are thousands of software which are available. But there is no guarantee that any one might. So well do look much further. Here it is. Office Password Recovery Utility. It is not a freeware program. In order to use the full potential of the program, u need to buy the program which will be every worth of your penny you invest. It is a very small setup file which is 2.1 mb. Once you have grabbed the file, start the installation by double clicking on the setup file. You must install it with the default options.
After you have installed the program, double click on the icon that is available on the desktop. After that click Open button which is available at the top left. From navigate to the location where you protected Excel file is kept.
When the Open button is being clicked, it initializes the Recovery Wizard.
In this, there are many option given which can be used to decrypt the excel file i.e is to remove the password completely or enable to display the password that is used to Open Password Protected Excel:

Option 01: Instant Decryption:

It is one of the quickest way of getting your excel file back. However, the drawback behind this option is that it removes the password completely. For this reason, you have to again put a new password to the excel file if you want to password the file again in the future.
In this case, the password asks the server for the best solution for cracking the files and thereby determining the best method of decryption for removing the password:
When the dialog box, say done, you are presented with an unlocked file.
Option 02: Recovering the password:
This should be done if you don’t want to remove the encryption and view the password. In this a few question are asked to determine the pattern for the password. This are used to narrow down combination level that are needed to be done.
However if you unaware of anything you can press next and press finish. The software uses different kinds of schema for Open Password Protected Excel. This technique a lot of time since it combines every possible combination available. When done you would be presented with the password.

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