How To Use Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop CC

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There are many features added in Photoshop CC from which Camera RAW filter is largely preferred by designers. Mostly to make nondestructive and powerful filter edits Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop CC is used.

How To Use Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop CC

Camera Raw Filter is empowered by the technologies of the Creative Cloud for Photoshop which is Photoshop CC. It helps you to get most of Adobe Camera Raw Features. The great thing about it is you can use it on any type of image and it doesn’t necessarily need to be supported by Adobe Camera RAW.
If you combine Smart objects with Camera Raw filter with Smart Objects, then you can edit the file using a filter and return to it at any time to change if any damage had been done. To do this type of job right click on the layer, select Convert to Smart Object. Another way to do it is by selecting the Filter followed by Convert for Smart Filters.
When the lawyer has converted to smart object, you can use the smart objects to ensure that later you can make more adjustments when required. If there are multiple layers to be added later then the layers in the palette should be chosen first and converted to a single smart object.
If you want to adjust the white balance, you can click the White Balance tool and make any point or region neutral gray. You can also choose to adjust Highlights, whites, any sports, blacks, shadows and clarity settings. These settings are easy to access in Adobe Camera RAW, but difficult or not available in earlier versions.
Using Gradient Filter and Radial Filter which are newly introduced is made easily possible because of Adobe Camera RAW. These filters help you to adjust the problems of an image. Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop works amazingly well for users. These can be used not only for sharpening any image, but also for masking slider in case of RAW sharpening.
There are no such tools in Photoshop to apply clarity of an image. But with Adobe Camera RAW this can be possible along with other features like Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter and Radial Filter.
Working with JPG images has become very handy with it. With Adobe Camera RAW, JPG images can be opened. But at any case if you forget to do so, then you can rely on Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop on the functionalities of Camera Raw Filter which offer very much of a same type job at any time.

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