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Things to Know Before Installing Windows 8.1

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Microsoft has brought the free upgrade for Windows 8 users and named it as Windows 8.1. However, every time you think of changing or upgrading your operating system you need to be very sure that everything is in order and ready. Particularly in case of upgrading Windows 8 there are many things to know Before Installing Windows 8.1 especially in multi PCs or Windows 8.1 Preview running systems.

Things to Know Before Installing Windows 8.1

The best thing about upgrading to Windows 8.1 is Windows 8 users can apply the update directly from Microsoft’s Windows store by downloading it. Sometimes the store doesn’t show up in the first instance. In such cases try more than once and Update Live Tile should be visible there. Click it to download it which takes a handsome amount of time to complete the download.
While downloading the file you should be patient because Before Installing Windows 8.1 it will download the complete file which size varies according to the version of your Windows. But approximately its size is about 3.5GB. So definitely you will need a better internet connection to do it.
Since the download time is much longer, so it is developed in such a manner that even if the download stops before finishing for any reason, you can resume it from there at any time. In the meanwhile you can afford to do your other jobs because the download will run in the background without causing trouble to your tasks.
In case of multiple connected PCs the upgrade would be a little more difficult. For each PC you need to download the upgrade file from Windows store additionally as for each system the download file may be of different size or type.
Before making any kind of upgrade you should backup all your data. While upgrading to Windows 8.1 if any problem arises or upgrade terminates in the middle of the operation, then few of the system files may gone missing. This may make the operating system stop functioning. So make sure you backup the complete drive where Windows 8 has been installed.
Another thing you need to think about Before Installing Windows 8.1 if you don’t have Windows 8 currently. It is whether your current OS is Windows 7 or XP or even earlier versions. In case of Windows 7, you can preorder Windows 8.1 and it will be scheduled to ship very soon. But in other cases like Windows XP or Vista, you have to separately purchase Windows 8 Media and then upgrade to 8.1.

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