Use Chromecast to share entire desktop screen

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In this era of fast technological advancement, anything is possible. Such an innovation is the Chromecast which is not really a wonder. This is something that can be made easily by scientists but the concept was introduced by Chrome. Chromecast has now spread worldwide but many people hardly know yet that they can Use Chromecast to share entire desktop screen.

How to Use Chromecast to share entire desktop screen

What is Chromecast?
Chromecast is a device or rather a dongle to be specific which needs to be plugged in to a television supporting HDMI port. This dongle needs a constant power supply through a mini USB port. Chromecast is provided with a USB cord with one end mini USB jack and other as standard USB jack. They also provide an AC adaptor in case people do not have USB port in their television. This device can be linked with a computer or an android smart phone to stream live video or music. But it has been discovered that this device can be used to share entire desktop screen.
Sharing desktop:
This is experimental but it has been reported that it works pretty good on almost all computers. To do this, of course one must first have a Chromecast. This device is not much expensive. Firstly Chromecast needs to be plugged in to the TV’s HDMI port. The small USB cord provided should be attached to the dongle and connected to television’s USB port for power or the AC adapter provided. This will initiate searching of Chromecast in your computer automatically as soon as Chromecast receives power.
Connecting dongle and computer:
Establish the connection between your computer and the dongle providing all details like your Wi-Fi password and everything else as required. After that, you need to install Chromecast extension for your Chrome. The extension needs to be opened and drop down arrow needs to be clicked.  There you will find an option known as “Cast entire screen (experimental)” which as mentioned, is entirely experimental concept. This should stream your desktop to your television. No other browsers will have this feature but only Chrome. Steps should be followed as mentioned above. Still now reports are positive and hopefully it will work out properly in all cases.
The Chromecast comes at around $35 universally and if this feature works out then it will be like icing on the cake besides streaming videos and audios. This application can be useful in many ways for example representation in offices with the help of Chromecast to share entire desktop screen.

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